For almost two decades, Magusa Logistics has been delivering excellence in time-critical logistics. It all began in Miami, when an entrepreneurial couple, Carlos and Romy Maguina, decided there was opportunity in the logistics business as the Latin American region started to show strong economic growth, creating opportunities for international trade. The company's approach is to partner with their clients and act as an extension of their own organizations, allowing Magusa to recommend the best-cost, highest-value services that fit their needs.

Upon mastering general cargo logistics, Magusa focused on more sophisticated time-critical project logistics, such as performance-based shows and touring productions. Their proven expertise within the rapidly growing industry was all that was needed to create one of the strongest brands in the market. Magusa has now moved more than twelve thousand events all around the world. In the years since it was founded, Magusa has grown to become a large network of more than 140 offices, agents and logistics partners all around the globe. The same spirit of excellence and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction is as strong and evident today as it was at the start.

Clearing the stage

Magusa were looking for the best way to keep control of all their cargo movements and wanted more automation while doing so. In practice, they wanted e-AWB, electronic pouches and documents. They wanted software with good support and an interface to Quickbooks.

The plot was to keep records of all Magusa movements on one platform. Added to this was the desire to automate many of their processes and eliminate the need for double data entry. Our general direction was:

“The new system had to be better organized and handle the growing number of shipments more efficiently.”

– Italo Maguina, Business Development Director, Magusa Logistics, Miami FL

Act 2

After lots of research Magusa narrowed the possibilities to a couple of applications but none really convinced them, until they found Scope. After a call with Mark Ketcham of Riege Software and a personal visit, he showed Magusa what Scope was capable of and they immediately decided to implement it.

“I met with them for the first time, did the demo and they agreed that Riege and Scope will meet their needs.”

– Mark Ketcham, VP Business Development at Riege Software

Enter Scope

As soon as a shipment is confirmed, Magusa Ops open a shipment in Scope. Whether it's air, road, ocean, or multimodal, Scope can create it. Once created, they assign a job number, a customer, and input as much data as they can. As the shipment progresses and they learn delivery and consignee information, they add this to the record. Once all information is in Scope, all sorts of shipping documents can be created, simplifying the process for the operations team. This growing database of shipments lets the pricing team use prior movements as the basis for quotes on upcoming projects, and everything is handled in one place.

“Our experience with Scope has been fantastic. Scope is allowing us to scale the business like never before, handling more shipments more efficiently. The Scope team is very friendly and if any issues arise, they are only an email or a phone call away.”

– Italo Maguina, Director Of Business Development at Magusa Logistics, Miami FL

The encores

Its been a little over a year now, and there is still a learning curve, but it has worked for Magusa perfectly so far. They also took the opportunity to incorporate some of the accounting features in order to keep track of budgets and vendors.

Show must go on

Future “to-dos” include bringing more of the accounting part of Scope into daily use. So far they have not maximized use of this feature, but they soon plan on doing so. Magusa would also like to see a warehousing module in Scope to quickly create warehouse receipts with pictures attached so that customers can see how their freight is being handled. The warehouse module would also allow them to drag freight from their storage into a shipment, and seamlessly create these shipments. This Scope feature is planned and will stage its debut during a gig in the near future.