With its origin in The Netherlands, and still headquartered in Rotterdam, FOX Global Logistics currently operate and control 5 offices in strategic locations around the globe. With specialists working day in and day out to ensure that their customers receive that extra bit of personal attention, FOX Global is continuously focused on new global opportunities that will contribute and compliment its existing line of operations. Thanks to this strategy and their dedicated people, FOX Global has evolved over the years from a traditional forwarding company to an internationally focused provider of comprehensive logistic services. To underline its global approach, the company constantly develops new ventures and services in cooperation with their international partners.

Presence on international stages

Norman de Vos, owner and Managing Director of FOX Global knew the team of Riege Software The Netherlands for many years. With his ambition to join the leading global players on the global stage of international logistics, Norman contacted Riege in 2016, because he felt he was missing the appropriate instrument to further foster his international success. After several meetings and demonstrations of the scope of Scope, he decided to implement the Air Freight, Sea Freight and Customs modules.

“Knowing the guys at Riege was nice and promising, but for me performance on the international stage is critical, niceness and promises are not enough. So the auditions were tough and uncompromising. But as I expected, the team played in harmony, and at the end of the day I knew Scope was a real star among the wide variety of other TMS.”

— Norman de Vos, owner and Managing Director at FOX Global Logistics

The full instrumentation of the orchestra

Now FOX Global is a power user of Scope. Not only the 2 Forwarding and the Customs modules are actively in use. FOX Global customers benefit from the comprehensive visibility enabled by the web application Connect to track their shipments, control fulfilments of milestones and check the availability of the essential accompanying documents. In order to fully monitor the supply chain, some of FOX Global's customers are also using the integrated Order Management System in combination with Connect. This enables them to get valid and meaningful status information on their purchase orders at any time.

“The extensions of Scope are a real value for money, while the positive effects they create on the customers' side are virtually priceless. You may even say, there is a Scope fan club amongst our customers.”

— Norman de Vos, owner and Managing Director at FOX Global Logistics

FOX Global also use the feature to import AGS import declarations. Scope validates the data and with the smart article table enriches them with Customs specific information for the same articles stored in Scope. After completion and the user's permission to auto-send, all imported declarations that meet the validations will be sent to Customs automatically. This is a convenient method to automate FOX Global’s growing e-commerce business which mainly consists of simple declarations, but in large volumes, and a highly valuable benefit for a global player.

Two teams in harmony

The entire process of the implementation of Scope and the installation of enhancements was both smooth and smart since both teams, at FOX Global and Riege Software, were driven by the same goal – success and satisfaction. This harmony was made possible because there is a natural fit between the dedicated employees of FOX Global and Riege. Both companies have customer service and high quality in their DNA.

“Yes, Norman and myself knew each other for quite a while. But after all, the final execution involved people who performed together for the first time. It turned out to work perfectly, and still continues. Together, we are most certainly more than a one hit wonder.”

— Henk Boorsma, Managing Director at Riege Software The Netherlands

The encores

Since Scope is constantly updated, providing all essential instruments in one integrated solution, there will be more to come. And we are convinced that FOX Global will make use of it, as will their customers and their many future customers.