Avi Air was founded over 25 years ago by Roland Branderhorst after a conversation with leading exporters and importers, all of whom were in search of a company providing expertise in freight forwarding. Specialized in transporting fresh cargo from Amsterdam and Oslo, Avi Air offers over 300 tons of cooled space in the conditioned warehouse at Schiphol and transparent air freight solutions for fresh commodities, like flowers, vegetables or seafood. By incorporating Scope into their daily business routine, Avi Air expanded from a smaller niche forwarder operating out of Amsterdam to a leading fresh cargo forwarder and an important supporter of the digital future in logistics.

Fresh cargo transported with care

Transporting fresh cargo goes along with a lot of rules and regulations, especially when it comes to carrying seafood. The temperature must be held at a certain level at all times. The same applies to the level of moisture throughout the shipping process. Fresh cargo, like tomatoes, fish and tulips is usually brought in multiple trucks from different directions into one warehouse and needs to be divided into multiple air carriers to be transported all over the world or directly to a market somewhere in Europe. To guarantee fresh quality, speed and a constant temperature level are crucial. Avi Air has therefore placed a device between the unloading doors which reads the temperature of each shipment that passes by within a 10 meter range to ensure constant temperature measurement. By using Scope’s comprehensive single entry data system, Avi Air can now process bookings faster and profit from the unrestricted collaboration between participants in the supply chain, regardless of the system they use.

“Sharing information and having better workflows or more efficient data sharing is a huge step forward in terms of connecting the industry.”

– Ivo Frankort, CEO Avi Air

One System to manage the whole process

The air freight module in Scope enables Avi Air to process shipment data faster and more effective and communicate directly with airlines, customers and external databases using only one platform to ensure fresh quality on time. The shipment monitor in Scope makes the current status of all shipments recorded visible. Furthermore Scope displays the last events and upcoming milestones, giving detailed information about the whereabouts of the fresh load via the web application Connect. Bookings can be created electronically and transmitted directly or via email with attached PDF. The search for flights over an integrated flight schedule within air freight shipments is easy and accessible at all times.

The time for digital solutions has come

With a yearly fresh cargo turnover of roughly 20 million kilos and more than 20 years of experience in freight forwarding, Avi Air endorses the digital future of logistics. Stepping away from old-fashioned freight forwarding modules into the digital future, preferably with a few strong business partners, like Riege Software, Avi Air is on their way to take the next step to enable growth by using only one system: Scope.

“We as AVI Air are really going on a journey to embrace Scope capabilities in width and in depth. It’s time to create a new voice in logistics by combining the existent data into one system.”

– Ivo Frankort, CEO Avi Air

Sharing the same values

Sharing knowledge and information, building solid business relationships, creating resources and money to invest in the cool-chain and facilitating growth, this is what Avi Air is looking forward to in the future. Like Riege Software, Avi Air likes to work with people who are sharing the same values and the same business approach. Therefore choosing Riege as one of their business partners manifests one important step towards making a difference in the freight forwarding industry. Avi Air is facing the future with optimism and interest, willing to find solutions and combine expertise and therefore chose a transparent Transport Management System like Scope, the forerunner in digital logistics.

“It's great to witness the growth AVI air has gone through in the last couple of years. They grew in volume, in people and in professionalism. It's so nice to be part of that.”

– Henk Boorsma, Managing Director Benelux