Scope 24.6 introduces new functions to optimize shipment processing, simplify transport management and enable comprehensive, end-to-end shipment tracking. 

Cutting-Edge Ocean Freight Solutions 

Introducing Our Open Interface for Container Events 

Experience unparalleled flexibility and transparency with our latest addition: an open interface that seamlessly integrates container events from any source directly into Scope. After a conversion of these events to XML format, we ensure a smooth and efficient process, enhancing your freight shipment management like never before.

Ocean Events Interface

Advanced Integrated Status Codes for Superior Tracking 

Take your container tracking to the next level with integrated status codes from the Port of Hamburg. These codes are now directly linked to FCL event types in Scope, enabling real-time updates and detailed tracking at the container level. Key features include: 

  • Event Triggers and Status Updates: Status codes automatically trigger events, update statuses, and complete milestones.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Achieve comprehensive, real-time monitoring with detailed tracking information.
  • Early SumA Integration: When an IMP status message with the code “930” is received, the ATB number(s) contained in the message are displayed prominently within the application and the editor title bar. 

Why Choose Scope for Container Tracking? 

  • Comprehensive tracking plans on a container level 
  • Standard tracking plans for efficient monitoring 
  • Easy container selection within the tracking tab 
  • Advanced Container Monitor for real-time updates

Air freight shipments 

Master-to-house dialog in aviation security 

Boost efficiency by selecting multiple house shipments and create screening orders for all selected shipments with a single click. All required PDF files are attached and sent directly to the security provider via email. 

Air_muli-select_Screening order_EN

New interface for fast data transfer 

Scope's new shipment status interface sends shipment data and milestone updates to all parties involved, keeping everyone from the customer to the recipient informed in a timely manner. You can find detailed information on the functionality of this interface in our Scope Knowledge Base.

Finance Management and Control

Granting shipment approvals by non-operational users

Non-operational users, e.g. users who belong to the accounting department but not to an operational department, generally do not have access to the corresponding transport modules. However, they may be responsible for granting exceptions to shipment blocks. This is now possible via the read-only shipment editor in the shipment overview. 

Maximize Your Business Efficiency with Enhancements in Tax Authority Interfaces 

In today's global marketplace, staying compliant with local regulations is crucial for business operations. Countries such as Mexico and Romania mandate that accounts receivables be registered with local tax authorities. To streamline this process and ensure your business remains compliant, we have introduced advanced features tailored to meet requirements: Our comprehensive accounts receivable overview now includes filtering options for these critical statuses. This enhanced visibility ensures you can efficiently manage your receivables, improve cash flow, and focus on what matters most, growing your business.  

Experience the Future of Shipping with Scope 24.6 

Embrace the latest enhancements in Scope 24.6 and revolutionize your shipping operations. From ocean to air shipments, and finance, Scope offers robust solutions to keep your logistics seamless and efficient. 

Read the Detailed Release Report on Scope 24.6 and take a look into the Changelog in our Scope Knowledge Base