Extensions and improvements in air freight, ocean freight, customs, finance


Air Freight

EU air freight security – anything but preliminary

Air freight security within the EU and the associated non-EU countries Iceland, Norway and Switzerland is regulated by the European Commission. In some EU countries, however, the national authorities interpret the EU security regulations more strictly than others. The German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt – LBA) requires the indication ‘Preliminary security status: Secure’ – instead of the previous ‘Security status: Secure’ – until the freight is registered as secure in the forwarder’s own secure export shipping warehouse. With Release 24.2, Scope fulfills these requirements. And they need to be adhered to – not just preliminarily.

Manual confirmation is mandatory

The respective safety status must be confirmed manually. The manual security confirmation digitally maps a process that already had to be documented outside of Scope in accordance with the requirements of the German Federal Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt – LBA). The function for ‘manual confirmation of security status’ in accordance with EU requirements for air freight security within Scope is already part of earlier releases. Now it has been updated again.

Security history enables complete proof

The confirmation dialog is available in the security history of shipments and is automatically displayed when the shipment is completed or when previewing or processing an IATA AWB. The shipment's security history also shows which users have confirmed the security status and with which time stamp. This is important if a security status becomes the subject of a security check by the authorities. Scope provides complete proof. Better safe than sorry.

Replacing one-time addresses – once and forever

One-time addresses appear again and again when data is imported via interfaces. In this case, users can use the key accelerator ‘SHIFT-ALT-P’ on the partner fields to replace the one-time address with an existing partner and thus benefit from master data such as credit limit, contact addresses and other information.

At the same time, the procedure for replacing one-time addresses has been improved with an extended dialog and more details. Of particular note is the new option to directly link an existing known partner via a partner input field that supports the partner search. This new option significantly improves the mapping of interfaces. If the data is saved in the EDI profile, Scope remembers the substitute link and applies it automatically when the same address is imported again. Scope is and remains adaptive – forever.


Ocean Freight

Manifest Security Filing with Trade Tech – another milestone in ocean freight

Riege has reached another milestone for forwarders outside the EU as well as for forwarders doing business outside the EU. To support them in submitting the required documents, we have entered into a partnership with the US family-owned company Trade Tech.


Trade Tech is a platform that supports manifest security filing for numerous countries around the globe, including the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and South Africa. Through our partnership with Trade Tech, it is now easy to submit the required documents directly from Scope or from the Trade Tech web application. The first submission process to be seamlessly integrated into the Scope Ocean Freight workflow is AMS. Further procedures will follow. Further development is an integral part of Scope.

ocean_transport_order PDF to trucker_EN


Highlight CH – PASSAR Transit 1.0

In addition to necessary extensions to the statistics in the German ATLAS AV procedure, the conversion of the Swiss NCTS procedure to PASSAR transit 1.0 should be emphasized.


As a member of the DaziT working group of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (Bundesamt für Zoll und Grenzsicherheit – BAZG) for the development of the new PASSAR goods movement system, Riege Software Switzerland was able to contribute its in-depth knowledge. This commitment is now bearing its first fruits. With Scope 24.2, the PASSAR transit module is now available to Swiss Scope users.


The process changeover was no mountain hike – more like high alpine mountaineering. But it is done. Everything is up and running. And of course, templates can also be stored in this process to speed up processing even further. That's Scope – a guarantee for summit happiness.


Faster and more accurate – ATLAS EZA declarations with credit limit check

Scope release 24.0 introduced an optional function for extended credit limit. Release 24.2 provides the first update: The workflow for ATLAS EZA declarations has been improved. Previously, users had to manually estimate the customs amount to be reserved from the customer's credit limit. From now on, Scope is able to calculate the amount automatically, taking into account the deferment accounts of the declaration. This avoids inaccurate estimates and saves time – and this is accurately one of Scope's strengths.

Scope 24.2 – all this and much more

All improvements, enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the Scope knowledge base in Release Report 24.2 and Changelog 24.2.