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Improved handling of temperature controlled and pharma shipments

Goods which require temperature controlled handling can be marked as such, charges can be applied based on temperature related products. In addition, special text for the Air Waybill handling information can be generated. Finally, the electronic Air Waybill (FWB) is created indicating temperature controlled and pharma shipments correctly.



Default screening methods for handling agents

When handling agents use other screening methods than x-ray these methods can now be set up in the handling agent partner profile to avoid changing the screening method on each shipment.

Simplified proofs of RA/KC validation

The security section in Air Export shipments has been enhanced by a new action to view all RA/KC checks (since shipment entry) of all security involved parties. This simplifies to prove RA/KC validation is done on security audits.

Ocean Freight

No assignment of road carriers who do not comply with the minimum wage law or lack insurance

The road carrier profile in the partner maintenance has been enhanced to allow defining whether he complies with the minimum wage law and has a valid insurance. The selected road carrier will be validated in the transport orders defined for a shipment. In case the respective road carrier does not comply with the minimum wage law or has no valid insurance, the transport order can neither be saved nor printed.

The corresponding fields for these actions can be both activated and deactivated.



Use Scope code as EDI interface code for outgoing messages

When EDI interfaces shall use the Scope partner code for outgoing messages, EDI profiles now support this 1:1 mapping. This action can be executed by setting a single check box without the need to add each involved partner in the partner mappings.

New notifications and simplifications within ocean carrier EDI

In order to further improve the communication via ocean carrier EDI, numerous enhancements have been added to provide the respective clerk with more reliable information.

  • Bookings in state “pending” do now allow sending an update or to be cancelled.
  • Outgoing shipping instructions to carriers via a shipping portal now allow to also transmit the entered shipper / consignee references of the respective shipment.
  • VGM confirmations originating from INTTRA are no longer taken into account. The only valid confirmation is the carrier’s. Confirmations from carrier will still be displayed. VGM transaction might remain in an unconfirmed status if the carrier does not send a confirmation.
  • Carrier rejections on SI/Booking/VGM now create an inbox notification for the assigned clerk.
  • Enhanced carrier email notification settings allow enabling or disable notifications on message level for carrier emails and even completely.
  • The terminal closing date from Cargosmart booking confirmation is now available.

More visibility and possibilities in Portbase Cargo Controller

After transmission of Cargo Controller messages for ocean import, the status of the message displayed in the shipment editor now also shows the receipt of message response from Portbase.

The automated transmission of cargo controller subscriptions in case the B/L number of a shipment is changed has been fixed. The action to transmit the subscription has been renamed and the transmission for superhouse FCL shipments has been enabled.

Order Tracking now with applicability filters on milestone actions

Order Tracking templates now support optional applicability filters and deviating EDI profiles for milestone actions. This avoids the creation of additional tracking templates for special actions performed for just some customers.

Outgoing event messages for container related milestones now include the number of the respective container as reference.

Email templates used for order tracking received a new parameter to allow referencing the container number in case the email is generated for a container related milestone.

Batch-delete of incomplete milestones

The shipment monitor now has an option to clean up old incomplete tracking plans by batch-delete of incomplete milestones. This allows to monitor shipments without losing information about completed milestones.

Creation of milestones in tracking templates

Scope now supports the creation of milestones in order tracking templates for Cargo iQ in Air Freight and container tracking in Ocean Freight.

Improved messaging at the Port of Hamburg

The original sender of a port message can now also be specified as the recipient of critical response messages. When this feature is enabled, responses are sent via email directly to the original sender.

New Button in Ocean Booking Confirmation Dialog

In the sea export booking confirmation print dialog the button "Print & Update Shipment" can now be used to select whether the document should only be printed or if changes to the fields should also be updated within the shipment.




Exchange Rates

Scope now offers the National Bank of Poland as a source for automated import of exchange rates in legal entities with currency PLN.

Web Services offer more than before

Version 3 of the partner web service has been released with the following changes:

  • Added the customer identification number of a partner, if the feature has been enabled for the Scope organization
  • Added a new filter option to find a partner by a given customer identification number
  • Added payment terms and credit limit to the debtor profile data
  • Added payment term and bank accounts to the creditor profile data

A new filter option ‘usi’ has been added to the order web service to query shipments by their USI number.

Create airline buying products during WebCargo and e-Rate import

A new configuration option has been added to the products tab on the airline partner profile to create airline buying products automatically during WebCargo or e-Rate imports.

Payment Import enables import of open balances invoices from 3rd party systems

Scope is now able to import open balances of invoices created by other billing systems via the payment import. As a result, the open balance amount of a debtor contains the open balances of invoices known in Scope plus the open balances of invoices not known in Scope.

Customs DE

Migration of templates in ATLAS AES 3.0 and NCTS 9.1

Templates from ATLAS Ausfuhr (Export) 2.4 and NCTS 9.0 can be migrated to the new versions AES 3.0 and NCTS 9.1. It is possible to keep or delete the old templates. Once deleted, templates cannot be restored, migrated templates can no longer be edited, but only opened for viewing. 

Automatic creation of the CUSCON now across branches

The CUSCON is automatically created even if the IMP status 934 is received at a different branch (of the same organization) than the one from which the ahead of schedule import declaration (vorzeitige Einfuhranmeldung) was submitted. 

Mandate reference number for import duties

It is now possible to enter a mandate reference number for each partner for billing and collection of import duties from a Supplementary Customs Declaration (Ergänzende Zollanmeldung EZG). 

Intrastat declarations extended by reference number

The reference number is now also displayed in the inventory file.

All new features, improvements, and bug fixes can be viewed in the changelog.