Mrs Fuchs, what exactly does TransHorse do in Dissen?

We offer our clients professional air transport of horses. For our team full service means preparation, organization and management of the entire transport chain. Our international portfolio covers, for example, horse transportation from Sylt to Sydney or from Barbados to Bordeaux. The well-being of the horses is always the primary concern for us. Above all, this means a smooth journey. It is important that all the required documents that accompany them on their journey are correctly filled out and are available in good time so that the animals do not have to wait unnecessarily. The veterinary service checks laboratory tests, health certificates, the quarantine status and the transfer from the home stall to the airport. The customs office also expects 100% correctly completed documents; otherwise there will be unnecessary complications for the animals’ entry and exit. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise in this sector and correct preparations our transports are carried absolutely reliably around the world.

In which area do you use Scope?

We use the Riege software for air freight exports and imports, create the necessary documents for the transportation of the animals, carry out the customs registration and clearance and even use the program for invoicing. This is all quick and easy thanks to the intuitive usage. Scope helps even inexperienced staff to make a customs registration quickly and correctly. The program reacts immediately if an incorrect entry is made. It clearly shows anyone what needs to be done to eliminate the mistake. The customs officials who are responsible for us are very satisfied with the documents we create. This is important because a horse is not a normal kind of shipment like a simple parcel. Horses are prepared for transportation on a precise day. If there is a delay of just one day, then serious problems can result or the whole process can come to a halt!

Are you satisfied with the product?

After a very short introductory phase we were quickly able to use the program ourselves. The Riege service team always answered our questions quickly and competently! This logistics software really represents value for money and I can really only recommend it.

Which solution did you use before and why did you change?

We are still a very new company and we have used Scope right from the start.

In which situations has Scope helped you in particular?

Scope always helps! Even with tricky tasks that had to be solved under time pressure Scope was always a reliable partner for us. You simply cannot do anything wrong because the program automatically shows you the right way. For example, at the beginning of my work, I had a call from a client in Seattle late in the evening. “The consignee has a different address,” they said. What was I supposed to do? I was still setting up the company and had only completed a couple of Airway Bills with the help of the Riege Software International staff. Thanks to the software the new entry worked first time! The four horses landed punctually in Los Angeles and after the arrival quarantine they continued their journey to the new home stall in Seattle! Our entire team would like to thank all the Riege Software staff for their first-class customer care. The service is unbeatable!