Mr Hülpüsch, what exactly does Logwin Solutions Media do in Frankfurt?

As an external partner the Logwin Group develops integrated logistics and service solutions for the industrial and retail sectors. As a highly integrated logistics service provider Logwin offers special industry solutions for international media and press distribution at its location in Frankfurt amongst other things. For large publishing houses we organize the airfreight transportation of different press products worldwide via Frankfurt Airport. Of course the time factor plays a decisive role delivering daily newspapers or magazines because tourists in Egypt like being up to date. Because we have to register shipments to non-European countries and countries with a special financial status at the designated customs authorities using the electronic Atlas export system we count on our efficient IT for a smooth process.

Where do you use Scope?

For Logwin Solutions Media GmbH Riege developed an individual solution. Based on the software solution Scope Atlas Export the program is directly integrated into the ERP systems of our customers. That allows us to access and obtain all shipment-relevant data automated from their IT systems. In addition, with Scope we are able to transmit data automatically to all participants in the export process – from the customer to customs and to airline or consignee. The different steps up to the export confirmation are permanently re-transmitted to the customer’s IT. That means high transparency. Half a dozen of our employees process about 40,000 to 50,000 export notifications per year with the software of Riege.

Are you satisfied with the product?

In our experience Scope works with high precision. That is the determining factor for us and results in not only our own satisfaction with the software solution but also that of our customers.

Which solution did you use before and why did you change?

Well, one cannot really talk about a change here. For many years now we have been working together successfully with Riege and because of the positive experiences we decided to use Scope when the obligatory conversion to the electronic Atlas export system was introduced by customs authorities. Of course with the new program we were very well prepared for the change. That was also appreciated by our customers.

Was Scope especially helpful in a specific situation?

Before the conversion to Atlas a lot of our customers took care of their paper export applications themselves. With Scope we are able to take over all necessary steps electronically. That saves not only time but also money and we can process high shipment volumes even when there are volume fluctuations equally quickly, safely and at an inexpensive price.