Mr. da Silva, what exactly is Jet-Speed doing in Hong Kong and internationally?

We are the largest privately owned airfreight forwarder in Hong Kong and we have 13 offices in the Greater China Area to service customers around the globe with both air and ocean freight forwarding solutions. Our global network of offices/partners in 50 countries, combined with our experienced staff and dedication in the industry enable us to provide our customers personalized yet reliable services that no other global logistics company can match. Jet-Speed is in the position to offer personalized and superior logistics services to a wide range of industrial sectors.

Since when do you co-operate with Riege Software International?

We have started to co-operate with Riege Software since the early nineties. Since then our cooperation has been growing continuously. The company has proven to be a truly customer-oriented and innovative partner. In addition they will always strive providing individual solutions to our specific needs. This is what helps us to serve our customers in an optimal way.

Which Software solution by Riege does your company use and for which purpose?

We are using Procars for air and ocean freight management and documentation. This enables us to handle easily all processes in our branch offices, with our customers and with all parties involved. The quality of our data is excellent since we are all using the same data base generated in Procars. This helps to avoid mistakes and in the end saves money and strengthens our market position.

Are you satisfied with the product?

We are very satisfied with the products and we also appreciate Riege will always look into customized solutions to satify our requirements. You know, there are only two ways when it comes to software: either you adapt your processes to the software or you adapt the software to your specific requirements, which we went for. With our partner Riege Software International we were very successful in doing this.

What are the strengths of Procars compared to other systems?

Procars is a very matured system with extensive features. Compared to other systems, it is fast and efficient.

Was Procars especially helpful in a specific situation?

In general, Procars is a very well rounded system that is helpful in most situations.