The ACE AESDirect application is of course a perfectly good application, its usable, stable, secure and of course free, so why would anyone want to do their export entries using an integrated AES entry application like Scope?

We always recommend customers have a login to ACE AESDirect because it's great to have a plan B, but apart from having that comforting insurance policy tucked in the back pocket, we think doing filing AES directly out of Scope is the way to go, let us count the ways why this is so.

Application sprawl

With so much being readily available online today, there is a website for this and an app for that and soon you find your forwarding data is spread across the cloud. Users are faced with the daunting task of keeping up with web addresses, logins and passwords, and AESDirect is part of this sprawl. Ideally, your users should only be venturing outside of FMS if they really need to.

Keeping it all in one place

Since the AES module in Scope is integrated, there is no separate password or login needed and the amount of duplicate data entry is going to plummet while accuracy and speed will be on the up. By doing the AES in Scope you have already saved the time it takes to get to AESDirect, get the right login and password and navigate to where you can begin. If your AES is well set up in Scope you might have already finished your Scope AES by the time you are ready to start an AESDirect. This is because much of the data from the shipment will automatically default into your Scope AES entry. Like AESDirect you can make an entry from a template, or even faster, simply use an existing AES entry as the basis for a new one.

Knowing who your customer is

If you really want to understand your customers and to be of maximum use to them, then you need to see in your FMS what the customer does for export decs. But if the customer's data is in AESDirect you are missing the big picture. With export decs in Scope AES, everybody can easily see how that critical shipment is progressing, from the sales guy to the warehouse manager, all in the loop.

Maybe Scope AES is just better

It's an intelligent product, it offers all the features of AESDirect and more. We try to stop users entering data that will result in AES rejections and for most entries the response times are phenomenal. You get to search sort, slice and dice your AES data directly within Scope and if you want more, just output it to a spreadsheet. For each AES Entry there are a variety of print-options including one that uses the same format as AESDirect, or you can customize it to your own tastes. Tracking is also connected, as soon as the export is accepted by CBP, that information is in your tracking plan and even in web-tracking where your customer gets the scoop. Last but not least is the ITN, it's not marooned in AESDirect anymore, instead it's right there in the shipment, and all that cutting and pasting into the export docs goes away. Perfect, just like Scope.