To get the most out of your network you have to be digital. At the GLN 2021 Conference starting today, March 15, GLN member Riege Software presents their forwarding software Scope, the Digital Standard for digital logistics which will enable forwarders around the world to put an end to traditional logistics.

Digital logistics is the key to boundless networking

Designed as a “One System. One Record.”-solution, Scope turns traditional logistics completely digital, from quotation to delivery. Integrating any third party participant and external data bases, Scope fosters independent companies consolidating boundless networking all along the global supply chain. Being part of it is the key to your future success.

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“The Global Logistics Network highly supports the participation of independently owned and operated international companies, specialized in solutions for the logistics industry, such as Riege Software in the annual GLN conference. We are looking forward to sharing new ideas and working together with Riege Software as one of our selected members in a network environment to benefit from each other.”

– Ernst van der Heijden, Executive Director of the Global Logistics Network (GLN)

Track and Trace and more options of unrestricted visibility

Enhanced through its browser-based application Connect, Scope enables cross-system, cross-country collaboration with focus on unrestricted visibility, empowering you and all the other participants to easily track and manage the entire business cycle from booking to proof of delivery while satisfying all regulatory requirements fully compliant.

Binding quotations are followed by transparent operational cost

Networking with Scope means, you will also benefit from Riege’s pricing without hidden cost, but a binding quotation from implementation to operation that truly applies. Followed by transparent prices for running cost without unpredictable extra spendings, interested parties can assume that Scope is a calculable investment with a foreseeable period of ROI.

Secure one of the last slots at the conference or book an in-depth demo

The need to go totally digital has been recognized by GLN members worldwide. Riege’s conference slots for conversations are more or less fully booked, Riege representatives Andreas Rohde and Sascha Plath will host 35+ dialogue partners within three days.

If you want to secure one of the few slots left, you better contact Andreas and Sascha today. Alternatively, you may book an in-depth demo in the aftermath of the GLN 2021 Conference.