The Swiss Army Knife is world-famous, and is always the preferred metaphor used whenever there is a need to advertise versatility. This also makes it infamous since it is often simply not true, and many of these inventions boasting their adaptability, are not nearly as ingenious as the original Swiss Army Knife. Not so with Scope.

In the adventurous world of logistics, with constant new challenges to survival amid tough competition, Scope is a versatile precision tool. Like the legendary knife: compact, agile and able to cope with any situation. While the Swiss Army Knife is the standard for pocket knives, Scope is the Digital Standard for digital logistics. With all important functions for air freight, sea freight, handling and customs. And just like the Swiss Army Knife, the versatility of Scope was designed from the outset with new functions added year upon year.


To facilitate the daily routine of logistics professionals, we have equipped Scope with comprehensive functions, countless integrations and one of the most appealing user interfaces imaginable. Scope minimizes manual intervention, eliminates tiresome duplicate work steps and avoids unnecessary system changes. The result is a smooth, straightforward workflow that creates a higher level of satisfaction and helps to make users' working lives easier, not just in the almost obsolete office, but anywhere in the world with access to the Internet. Indoors and outdoors, but unlike the knife without adventure.


In terms of application, Scope is actually one step ahead of the knife: There is no need to change tools to process a shipment, from quotation to order to delivery. Depending on the freight route or procedure, you choose the one right module and stay there until the job is done. No hunting and pecking for just the right tool or utility, just log in in the morning, log out in the evening and work through without interruption. Except for the breaks, of course.


Scope is open on many sides. To all sides, actually. We call that boundless connectivity. Whether it's external databases, integration of ERP, WM and accounting systems or connections to airlines, shipping companies and customs: Scope is not only capable of communication, but above all communicative. Data is exchanged smoothly, data quality is always at the highest level, and data security is always guaranteed.


The Swiss Army Knife can be highly visible, with a good set of tools evident even through a trouser pocket. Scope is particularly impressive because of its user interface, but its strength lies in also making things visible: The search function displays everything the user wants to see at the touch of a button. Scope Connect gives all process participants insight into documents, status and milestones. And the reporting and statistics functions provide precise information in real time about everything that needs to be regularly checked, evaluated and managed.

Made in

Products Made in Switzerland and Made in Germany enjoy the highest reputation worldwide. From this point of view, the knife and the software fear neither comparison nor competition. But there is an essential difference: The manufacturer of the Swiss Army Knife also offers of all things, a perfume, while you can be certain Scope has nothing to do with the mouthwash of the same name found in the U.S.A. Scope remains true to itself and its claim: One System. One Record. Or to put it more globally: The future of logistics is digital. Scope is the future of digital logistics.