Behind The Scenes Worldwide Logistics (BTS), a leading provider of logistics services to the film, television, music and special events industries, selected Scope, the comprehensive transportation management software for freight forwarders provided by Riege Software. After reading in AfA’s quarterly publication FORWARD about the QuickBooks integration within Scope,  BTS Managing Partner RJay Rendon reached out to Riege for more information and a demonstration. Realizing that despite being partnered with a large, leading TMS provider, RJay was not able to find a way to send accounting data between his chosen operations software and his preferred accounting platform.

Behind The Scenes found themselves duplicating their accounting activities. The process was not beneficial to BTS and their employees. The integration of QuickBooks within Scope allows credit and payment data to flow seamlessly between operating software and accounting platform, reducing the amount of time and man-hours necessary to move cargo and manage the financial side of their business.

“We operate on QuickBooks and wanted to stay there. The ease with which Scope communicates will significantly reduce time spent on accounting data-entry and will let us focus on client projects and business development.”

— RJay Rendon, President at Behind The Scenes Worldwide Logistics

Scope not only integrates with QuickBooks, but a bevy of other platforms that enable our clients to check airline schedules, book shipments, submit e-Airwaybills and AES and seamlessly exchange that data with global partners through a variety of neutral platforms.