Kras-Logistics understand themselves as a logistics service provider and put this into practice daily. The industry standard guidelines for a quality management are widely exceeded by their own requirements. Profound expertise, ambitious engagement and regular staff training are the keys to their success.

Each customer and every order is deemed of utmost importance. Whether shipments are large or small, they’re all treated the same way – reliably, efficiently and on time. That’s what has made Kras-Logistics big.

So Kras-Logistics needed a new software system, an innovative smart solution that met the company’s demands for a long-term, future-proof transport management system, to handle their worldwide business but not costing the earth. The solution for these requirements was Scope by Riege.

Scope is a cloud based application (SaaS) and this allows it to continuously advance, driven by improvements and enhancements added to a permanent set of vital features. This combination ensures unrestricted state-of-the art technology. 4 major and numerous minor updates per year guarantee that Scope is both programmed for the future and has a future.

The Kras-Logistics team had explicit requirements and Scope hits all of these high-notes:

  • integrated notification processes (Pre-Alerts)
  • automated invoicing processes
  • simple clearing of customs declaration
  • integrated air cargo security checking
  • smooth communication with airlines (e-freight)

A point that factors heavily in favor of Scope is its cloud based mobility. The work-day at Kras-Logistics never ends, the focus of their business activity is the shipment of aircraft parts. They are specialized in AOG (Aircraft On Ground) shipments and these are handled 24/7 by Kras-Logistics staff, meeting the highest level of uncompromising professionalism. Orders are taken at any time and anywhere, day or night which is where Scope’s mobility becomes crucial.

14 users at Kras-Logistics branch Frankfurt work successfully with both Scope Air Freight and Scope Customs. Migration is in planning stage for the Russian and UK branch.


“We made the right decision. In the beginning, we had some initial difficulties but at the end of the day we are more than pleased. The Riege support team has answered all open questions and solved problems in the shortest period of time possible. With Scope and Riege we are ready to face the future.”

— Andreas Loos, Branch Manager Kras-Logistics Frankfurt

As a sign of their growing success, Kras-Logistics will move into their own new offices in November 2017. This is a case where size does matter for Kras-Logistics.