Save the date for one of the most important and most exciting events for freight forwarders all over the world on February 7-10, 2017 at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

“Thanks to the unprecedented opportunities to build new relationships and strengthen existing ties, the conference is firmly established as the most productive business-generating platform of the year…and the 2017 conference will offer even greater avenues for you to develop new partnerships and secure more business.”
― WCA First (Source:  website)

As a WCA vendor for innovative IT solutions, Riege Software International will not only attend the conference but provide members the opportunity to discuss their logistics needs, and their desire for smarter and future-proof software solutions.

President Johannes Riege will be available as well as Mark Ketcham, VP, The Americas and Hong Kong based Managing Director, Asia Pacific Patrick Ling.

“You are cordially invited to experience Scope, most likely the smartest Transport Management System which automatically creates e-AWBs on completion of each shipment. See live how impressively fast Scope connects to WIN directly with no delays. Curious? We are looking forward to giving you a One-on-One meeting for a profound personal insight.”
― Johannes Riege, Chairman

What else can we say? Feel free to schedule now. See you in Singapore.