Hungry for more information? Fed up with half-baked solutions? In Grand Ballroom A we’ll serve you scrumptious snacks and feed your mind and body with eupeptic[1] information on Scope – the Transport Management System that creates e-AWB automatically. You will have the opportunity to

  • meet Riege staff and e-AWB experts
  • talk to satisfied Scope customers
  • zero in the multi-modal capabilities of Scope
  • be pleasantly surprised by automated e-AWB creation
  • just relax doing nothing at all

We will be glad to satisfy your hunger for food and lore. In Grand Ballroom A at the Sheraton Gateway, just a few steps away. Come on in – and enjoy.

[1] Eupeptic (yo͞oˈpeptik), adjective: of or having good digestion or a consequent air of healthy good spirits.