Originally donated by China Southern Airlines to the KLM, Riege customer Fast Forward Freight contributes to KLM’s donation of 100,000 surgical face masks to Dutch hospitals with a pro bono Customs declaration.

After Mr. Lingzhi He, Managing Director Europe of China Southern Airlines, handed over the donation to the CEO of KLM, Mr. Pieter Elbers, FFF immediately joined the team and offered the free-of-charge Customs clearance.

And since Dutch Customs has a special regulation for humanitarian donations even the import duties were 0.00 €. Humanity rules. Riege says ”Chapeau!” to all of them and tips its hat.

“The Human Heart, which we emphasize as a core of our company’s values, is obviously deeply embedded within our customers also.”

– Henk Boorsma, Managing Director of Riege Software The Netherlands


This joint activity is certainly only one example among many others worldwide. But the more such examples become popular, the sooner we may have a chance to overcome this unspeakable crisis. So against common belief, there is still a human, international solidarity. For this we say: Thank you to all.