Forwarding has become more and more a process of managing cargo rather than just moving it through collaboration that is as transparent as possible. As evidenced by the topics of TIACA’s ACF 2018, Oct 16-18, first and foremost air freight should go totally “e”. Consequently, a Transport Management System (TMS) should emphasize collaborative management – and transparent digital connectivity. Scope does both.

Scope is the e-AWB TMS empowering you to easily manage and track your entire business cycle – from quotes to delivery – with full transparency and options to intervene for all participants of the supply chain for optimum collaboration. That’s what we call boundless connectivity.

On top of this, the integrated interactive dashboards of Scope with meaningful information provide managers with key visibility of financial and critical operational processes. The dashboards operate with real-time data instead of batched or old-fashioned reports. The benefits are numerous and to name a few:

  • Operational exception management to optimize resource
  • Compare and analyze current and past performance
  • Evaluate productivity and earnings to confirm assets and profitability
  • Monitor progress and trends, reinforcing a fertile growth strategy

If you haven’t decided yet to attend the AFC 2018, do it now. Pronto to Toronto! I’ll be there, looking forward to welcoming you in my capacity as the VP Business Development for Riege Software. An impressive sneak preview into the scopes of Scope will be included. So don’t hesitate and save your date now.

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