Environmental awareness and sustainability gain more and more importance in the digital world. Riege Software has defined sustainability as one of its corporate values and offers its employees bicycle leasing as an alternative to a company car.

The JobRad® is a company bike from the JobRad GmbH in Freiburg. Riege Software employees can easily select the bicycle of their choice at a bicycle dealer and lease it through their employer. The bike may be used for commuting to and from work, but also in everyday life, for leisure or for sporting activities by all members of the household. Any type of bicycle or e-bike is suitable as a company bike and represents an environmentally friendly and practical alternative to a car.

Anna Riege, Head of People and Culture introduced the carbon-neutral transport solution to the company in October last year and is convinced of its benefits:

“As a company, we want to actively contribute to environmental protection and have opted for the JobRad as an alternative to the company car in order to have a positive impact on the environment and at the same time on our employees' health.”

Anna Riege, Head of People and Culture Riege Software

Sustainability is close to Riege's heart. The software company offers its employees flexible working time models in home office as an additional approach to reducing their environmental footprint and balancing family and career. The feedback from employees was positive across the board. Kim Christensen, Communications Manager and SCRUM Master at Riege Software, is one of the employees who have taken advantage of this transportation option from the very beginning and says the following about the JobRad:

“Since I fancied an e-bike for extended bike tours with my dog Muffin for a long time, the joy about the JobRad was enormous. After a very easy contract process, Muffin and I now travel from A to B not only quickly and in style, but also with a positive impact on the environment. The car is kept in the garage.”

Kim Christensen, Communications Manager Riege Software

To encourage employees to use natural resources more sustainably, the company also created an in-house guide that provides helpful tips for reducing water consumption in the office and at home.

If you would like to join the Riege family and benefit from the many advantages of being an employee, check out our current job openings or send your unsolicited application to jobs@riege.com.

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For those who are interested in accompanying Kim and Muffin on their e-bike or walking tours, check out the great pictures and stories here: @chihuahua_rennsemmel