As you know

The e-AWB promoted by IATA is based on the electronic FWB and delivers:

  • Lower Cost
  • Less Paper
  • Fewer Errors
  • Fewer Delays
  • More Efficiency
  • More Connectivity

Good to know, but Riege solutions have provided these e-AWB benefits since 1995.

What you need to know

A web search will show there are numerous e-AWB tools available. These are an assortment of plug-ins, web portals and standalone solutions, but none of them provide an integrated efficient solution.

But such a solution exists – Scope by Riege. Running resiliently since 2006, Scope is an integrated Transport Management System of which the e-AWB was an essential part right from the beginning. This is also true for its predecessor Procars, enabled to do e-AWB since 1995.

No more questions – just one answer

Going for the e-AWB and finding it makes yet more work? That’s out of question. With Scope, you don’t even have to think about the e-AWB. It’s there.

The true solution

Scope is the comprehensive Transport Management System for air, ocean, ground transportation and handling as well as customs. Creating an electronic airway bill automatically with the completion of a shipment, Scope is appreciated and relied upon by 4.000+ users in 24 countries around the world.

Shape your future and switch to 100% e-AWB without any deviation. Don’t go for just second best. Go for Scope – Innovation in Logistics.

Experience Scope live

Eager to experience Scope in a live presentation? See me on August 16th in Atlanta at the eAWB360 event. To fix a date please call: (844) 474 - 3436 or mail:

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