Purchasing decisions are greatly influenced by pricing. Same product, different prices? That's easy to decide. Similar products, different prices? That's tricky, how will you do a detailed comparison and do you know what you will really get? Eventually you find out after purchase and then its too late.

With logistics software, things are even more delicate. Withdrawal from a signed contract due to excessive extra charges is a costly affair, withdrawal after implementation is almost impossible – for the next 5 or more years.

Unexpected extra costs can turn logistics software into malware

The problem starts with fair and transparent pricing – or the exact opposite of it. The vendor who honestly presents all costs, including extra-charges, risks being rejected because at first sight he appears too expensive. The vendor who offers a low price but hides an often endless list of extra costs for additional functionality and services gets the contract. The buyer is trapped when he finds out that the overall operational cost exceed those of the rejected transparent offer.

To avoid burning money already spent and to keep his business going, the buyer has to accept and pay these additional bills – regardless how many and for what. Refusal is futile. And while the software may do what what was promised, it becomes a form of malware, because it damages business by cutting margins. If the Extra costs are passed on, it jeopardizes customer relationships. And then, on top of that, some products don't even meet the expectations associated with the purchase.

How to avoid hidden cost for logistics software

What can you do to avoid these unpleasant conditions? Stop trusting the first glance prices. Get reliable measures of the cost of performance. Get a binding calculation rather than an attractive offer. Or take the shortcut to accelerate things: Get Scope! Designed as integrated forwarding software for air freight, ocean freight and customs, Scope has evolved into the “Digital Standard” for the logistics industry, enabling cross-border and cross-system collaboration due to unrestricted connectivity while simultaneously providing individual human well-being.

Transparent pricing distinguishes logistics software also

But that's not all. Focusing on “Digital Logistics with a Human Heart”, Scope naturally represents the standard and values of its creator – Riege Software. A family business since 1985, and no ambition to change that. Riege stands for openness, truth and fairness in all aspects of business which consequently is also true for Scope itself. Next to transparent pricing, a short contract period and fair conditions are self-evident. You pay for what you get and you get what you pay for. Today and in future. Fully affordable. Because the well-being of those working with Scope also depends on the well-being of their employer.