Help must always be at hand when it is needed. And it is when customers have a question or a problem. They simply use the Riege Helpdesk and they will be helped. No muss, no fuss. Fast, friendly, competent.

Support as a feature

The Riege Helpdesk is the connection between Scope and the Riege Support, which every user can access. All Scope inquiries and messages are recorded in the helpdesk and processed by the support team via a ticket system. Tickets can be created directly from Scope or by e-mail via

Help without lots of words

All important information is transmitted to the Support at the push of a button (F12). This simplifies the analysis considerably, because the inquiries are almost always self-explanatory and further questions only rarely have to be asked. The support staff can immediately work on a specific solution.

Seeing what happens

All queries can be sorted by tasks and fields using various filter views and diagrams. Customers can see at a glance the status of their request, perceive who is processing the ticket, and whether there are further inquiries or if more action is required. The constant exchange of information and status messages also enables the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) to be monitored.

“It is an advantage that we are transparent with the helpdesk and that customers can follow our workflows. I know from numerous praise how reliably and quickly my team solves its tasks.”

– Sascha Plath, Head of Support at Riege Software

Experts for experts

An essential factor of the Riege Helpdesk is the human being. No endless FAQ lists, no ready-made answers, but real communication instead. Thereby, it pays off that users and support staff speak the same language. Forwarding customers talk to forwarding merchants, customs customers to customs specialists, financial managers to financial professionals. Experts who know what it's all about because they have the necessary know-how. To ensure that this remains the case, Riege invests continuously in training and further education. The satisfaction of the customers confirms that this calculation works out.

Help around the clock

Since all 7 Riege offices in Europe, Asia and North America access the same helpdesk, customers can also be helped quickly and reliably outside local business hours.

If an enquiry is easier explained by telephone than in a ticket, the support team can be reached directly from Monday to Friday from 8:00 -18:00 (CET) on +49 (0) 2159-9148-555. A friendly and competent answer will be given promptly. And to be prepared for anything, an emergency number, which can be called 24/7, is available on request.

The Riege Helpdesk is a unique, complementary functionality to Scope. The Riege Support Team is the people behind it, who are there when they are needed, so that everything runs smoothly for Scope users. That's the way it should be, that's the way it is and will stay.

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