It is said that it's easier to get a horse down the stairs than to another country or continent. Forwarders who specialize in the transportation of horses or animals of any kind know it's a tricky business, especially when the transportation is air freight. Live animals and aircraft do not mix well. Consequently, the last thing these forwarders need is an unruly Transportation Management System (TMS) making their difficult routines even more difficult.

Fortunately, the secret is out and there is one TMS that leading animal forwarders would bet on to outclass all others. The name is Scope and its story is told with conviction.

“What can I say about Scope? It works and doesn't hold you back.”

– Mikail Savas, EDP System Administrator at EMO-TRANS

Whether the focus is on priceless professional horses, invaluable zoo animals or beloved family pets, animal forwarders using Scope enjoy its countless advantages such as simple and fast operation with automated e-AWB and pre-alert functions, or the terminal customs declarations directly out of Scope without changing to another system. In addition, Scope enables the easy inclusion of all mandatory documents such as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System) certifications.

Next to accompanying papers and certificates, personal attendance is another key factor in animal transportation. Especially in the case of horses. Qualified grooms are indispensable companions for a secure and successful transport. In the eye of Scope users, the same applies to the logistic processing.

“Scope plays the role of a highly qualified groom in the implementation of our handling procedures.”

– Roy Oirbans, Managing Director at Horse Service International

Scope solves many administrative problems of animal transportation in one – as fast as a racehorse, as resilient as an elephant, as strong as an lion, as reliable as a guard dog. Thus Scope supports forwarders to unleash their unique capabilities instead of fencing them in.

“Scope always helps! Even with tricky tasks. You simply cannot do anything wrong because the program automatically shows you the right way.”

– Christine Fuchs, Managing Director at TransHorse

Altogether, Scope reduces delicacy of live animal transportation. For the benefit not only of the forwarders but for the owners and their animals. As a matter of fact, some forwarders can tell impressive stories about what Scope has done for them and in some respect for the animals they take care of. To get the tales, you'd better ask them yourself.