The Brexit will finally come into force on January 01, 2021. As things stand today, this will be in its final form. And it will certainly hit some companies within the customary supply chains hard. As a user of Scope, however, you can benefit from this development.

Shippers want security

Not all shippers will suffer losses. Because their goods will still be in demand in the UK after December 31, 2020. But many will be uncertain about which new procedures are required and how to apply them correctly. That is where you come in. With your expertise as a forwarder and using Scope for automated Customs clearance.

Check and adjust data

The current agreement is that after Brexit, trade with the United Kingdom will be the same as with any other third party country. However, you will have to check and possibly renew some formalities. EU-VAT numbers lose their validity, as do certificates for Authorized Economic Operators and existing EORI numbers of British economic operators. As a Scope user, the only thing you will have to do after Brexit is to change or create the relevant data in Scope. Scope does everything else.

Faster to and from UK

What even Scope cannot prevent are the expected queues at the ports, which will certainly lengthen. So if a consignment is urgent and needs to be transported to or from the UK by the fastest route, air freight is the best option. Scope takes care of this in the twinkling of an eye.

Consulting brings new customers

Existing customers will appreciate your competence and the quality of your preparation. Your consulting competence will be a significant attraction for potential new customers. The need for your support is there, for example with:

  • Clarifying the origin and preference of goods
  • Applications for customs import and export licences
  • Application for an EORI number

You know best which services you can and want to offer. With Scope, you have a reliable partner - and hopefully new customers in the near future.

Still no Scope?

In the unlikely event that you have not yet heard of Scope or are not yet using it, here is a request for a demo that will convince you.