The first good news in '22 is Scope Release 22.0, with new features focused on freight forwarding, including Tracking, Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Finance. As always, we aimed for simplifying workflows to speed them up. In addition, there are enhancements in the electronic invoicing procedure of the Mexican Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT). Scope 22.0, that is logistics software as it should be – up to date.

Tracking – Shipment Monitor

To make tracking in Scope even easier and more convenient, the milestones of a marked shipment are visible in the homeview of all shipment modules, and tracking-related columns and filters are also available. To meet the ever-increasing demands for reliable, seamless tracking, we have redesigned the shipment monitor as a whole. Since it is not uncommon in practice that users prefer tracking directly at the shipment level, we have also incorporated some “visible” parts of the improvements into the shipment modules.


Apply milestones instead of copying templates

Instead of copying existing templates and adding new criteria for new shipments, users can now define the relevant shipment criteria in the milestones. This eliminates the need to create additional tracking templates.

More shipment-related columns added

We have added additional shipment-related columns for tables and previews in the shipment monitor. In order to maintain the highest level of clarity, users can optionally choose and add these columns.

Tracking plan with preview in the preview. 

The shipment monitor now has a preliminary viewing of the tracking plan of the selected shipment in the preview. This means that all current status information is visible at a glance and can be edited immediately if necessary.

New system filter provides users with information about their daily tasks. 

In the shipment monitor filter, users can now use the preset filter “My tasks for today”. After selecting the appropriate criteria, all shipments within their personal area of responsibility are displayed. Starting from the current date back to the past 365 days.

Air orange

Air Freight

Dangerous Goods – Lithium Batteries 

The transport of lithium batteries and the associated hazards have become a major issue in the world of logistics. This is especially true for air freight, where the consequences of the notorious spontaneous combustion can be devastating. Because we place the highest value on the safety of a shipment in addition to reliability, speed and visibility, we have added two new Cargo IMP codes to the Dangerous Goods list for adequate labeling in Air Freight Export.

EBI Lithium-ion batteries exempted according to section II of PI 965

EBM Lithium metal batteries exempted under section II of PI 968

For more information on lithium batteries and their transport in air cargo, see IATA's Lithium Battery Guidance.

Ocean red

Ocean Freight

Buyers Consol with its own editor

For Ocean Freight Import we have created a new way to handle Buyers Consol shipments – the Import Superhouse FCL. The editor has the look and feel of the Single FCL editor, including document printing and transport order functions. However, in addition, the Superhouse FCL has a “Consolidation Tab” that allows users to consolidate Import House LCL shipments.

International Sailing Schedules

Users of the Ocean Carrier EDI interface now have free access to the global sailing lists of the most important carriers. Various filter options as well as a keyword search are available for the selection. With its selection, the corresponding ship including all data is transferred to the shipment.

Air and Ocean Freight

Until now, arrival notifications from Houses had to be printed out individually. That costs one thing above all: Time. Import Master now allows the printout of all arrival notifications for all Houses in one step.



In addition to the eye-catching top features, we have made thirty improvements in Scope 22.0 that may seem less spectacular at first glance, but which have a lot going for them. Users will quickly notice how much these “little things” help and benefit them in their day-to-day business.

Bugfixes 1 orange

Bug fixes

Nothing in the world is error-free. Not even us. And therefore not Scope either. Despite more than 20,000 automated runs and additional analog quality analyses by our experts, errors keep “slipping through our fingers”. Some we notice ourselves at some point, others are pointed out to us by our customers. We are not only grateful for this, we also appreciate it – and eliminate as many errors as possible in every version of Scope. In Scope 22.0, there are twelve.

New feature mx red

New feature for Mexico

Mexico: SAT invoice cancellation

The Mexican fiscal system requires the inclusion of the Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT) into the entire accounting system. This applies not only to invoicing, but also to invoice cancellation. What was previously a complicated process is now simpler and faster. The cancellation process in accordance with government requirements is now integrated into Scope.

All top features, enhancements and bug fixes in Scope 22.0

For a complete overview of all top features, see Top Features 22.0. Detailed information on new features, improvements and bug fixes can be found in the Release Notes 22.0.

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