The top features in Scope 12.6 prove once again that less is more. And more leads to less work. Fewer manual work steps, but more automation and transparency accelerate the processing of shipments and customs declarations and create more visibility for all participants.


Automatic PDF creation for the Air Freight Export Label

Air Freight Export Labels are now automatically created as PDFs and added to the document tab. In the printer settings, you can specify as usual whether the printout is sent directly to the printer or only displayed in the document tab.

Partition of the main run into separately trackable sections

Shipments whose main run is split into several sections can now also be parted in Scope and tracked separately. Scope creates the respective milestones several times according to the sections with location and schedule specifications. These milestones can be met individually. So you always know the current status of a shipment and know precisely where it is at any given moment.

Flexible bookings for all shipment types without specifying the means of transport

Create and retrieve bookings without specifying the means of transport for all shipment types, including light shipments and transport orders.

Booking creation in Scope Connect has been expanded accordingly. The customer enters the booking, and the forwarder decides to which means of transport he assigns this booking.


Provisional duty calculation in import statistics

The import statistics now also allow the presentation of estimated duties. This means that a statistical evaluation can be carried out even before a procedure has been completed, and import duties such as Customs and EUSt have been bindingly fixed.

Exchange import transactions between branches

Import transactions from other branches can now be copied and processed and sent via your branch. This it easier, for example, for colleagues from other branches to take vacation or illness replacements.


Group-internal document posting with PDF for the receiving branch

In the case of group-internal postings, the receiving branch now automatically has access to the document data as a PDF.

Offer option extended by new fields “Transit duration” and “Description”

In new offers, the transit duration and a supplementary description can be added easily and quickly under Option.

If you would like to add these input fields as an extension to your quote, please contact the Riege Helpdesk via Scope F12 function.


Minimum password requirement improved login security

Passwords with less than eight characters are no longer accepted if the password is changed or a new user is created to increase security.

Digitale Logistiek met een menselijk hart