A young lady visited the Riege booth at transport logistic in 2017, and asked for an air and sea freight presentation. Although this was very short notice for a full demonstration, by taking turns, we managed to give her plenty of insights into Scope. Not our usual procedure, but Małgorzata Müller, Air Freight Manager at OMEGAir appreciated the friendly welcome and the personal care.

The next steps were as promising as pleasant. Following a recommendation by Aircargo.nl, and several shorter sessions, Hubert Jasiński, member of the board, became involved and while we were preparing to present more detailed information, he decided to go with Scope and all of its modules for Air Freight and Sea Freight as well as the complementary web application Connect, which provides detailed monitoring and additional fulfillment options.

“We are involved in pharmaceutical business, and the customer asked us for the same shipment monitoring features the big ones offer. We showed him screenshots of Scope and they asked us to provide this solution. We did. The customer is highly pleased, and so are we. Or let me put it this way – Scope is highly addictive.”

— Hubert Jasiński, Member of the Board at OMEGAir

After all, speed is a natural virtue at OMEGAir. With offices in Szczecin (head office), Gdynia, Gdańsk, Poznań, Warszawa, Łódż and Kraków, OMEGAir is a fast growing company in Poland. With the help of Scope they will be able to speed up even faster. The pole position is achievable, and OMEGAir is excellently positioned to become the new alpha.

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