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SENATOR INTERNATIONAL accelerates to maximum speed with up to 20,000 customs declarations per month

SENATOR INTERNATIONAL is primarily specialized in international freight, shipping and logistics. The company's main focus is on air and sea freight, as well as logistics, packaging and customs services. With all the advantages of a mid-sized enterprise, SENATOR INTERNATIONAL comprises of a network of own offices as well as long-term reliable partners at approx. 250 locations worldwide. This worldwide network and numerous alliances guarantee attractive purchase options and make it possible to maintain an independent position in the market.

First class all along the line

Since its foundation in 1984 SENATOR INTERNATIONAL reports continuous growth, based on their philosophy of “First Class Global Logistics" as a standard for all thinking and doing, put into practice by the engagement and ambition of “First Class Global Experts”. Each individual at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL assures tailor-made transport solutions for each order. Next to skills and expertise, there is an undisputed focus on respect for the environment and responsibility for sustainability both of which are part of the “First Class Strategy” of SENATOR INTERNATIONAL.

Time and money

Dirk Bauerfeld, CIO at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL, provided the first personal contact. With his goal as a Global Player and among the Top 20 of air freight forwarders, he aimed to escalate his ”First Class Strategy” with a first class Software. He was in search of a solution which would accelerate processes while simultaneously provide maximum integration potential. In practice, he focused on customs declarations and bonded warehouse.

After the implementation of new logistics software it became evident that the customs interface of this solution wasn't satisfactory. The new system was unable to accelerate AES Exit procedures to the extent that the desired cost savings would take effect. Consequently, SENATOR INTERNATIONAL sounded the market and invited 3 software development companies to conduct a demo and propose their offers. Riege was one of these. As expected, the time frame was also tight.

“The implementation of Scope for the ATLAS procedures proceeded without difficulty, the start was smooth. The high expectations we had have been fulfilled.”

– Berndt Lindenmayer, Managing Director at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL.

Integration with high-speed

The first meeting took place in March 2016. Andreas Rohde and Dirk Heidenfelder of Riege discussed the challenging assignment with Dirk Bauerfeld, CIO at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL. A vital requirement was the integration of Scope to the existing logistics software, the goal was defined as significant savings in time within AES procedures. Here, the ability of Scope to enabling boundless communication proved its class. Provided with numerous integrations, designed for seamless connection to other systems and convincingly fast due to its One Time-Data-Entry concept, Scope qualified as the ideal solution to the problem, and was confirmed for phase 2 of the selection process.

Next Exit Scope

In the course of a second meeting, Riege Product Manager Dirk Heidenfelder, customs expert Astrid Hensgen and Branch Manager Riege Frankfurt Chris Savage demonstrated the full scope of Scope. With this demo they delivered the final proof that Scope would fulfill all defined requirements, the acceleration of AES procedures in particular. A new customs interface developed exclusively for Scope and designed to communicate perfectly with third party systems, permitted the connection to all required processes. Herein, Scope uses one integrative data format which is able to map all supported customs procedures. This innovative All-in-One integration will be expanded step by step to all customs procedures that Scope serves or will serve in the future. Currently in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US.

Concurrently, operators at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL were convinced by the clearly arranged and easy to comprehend desktop which separates Scope from other systems at first glance, while designed to enhance the worklife of users. Intelligent transfer of data and logic operations reduce work steps to a minimum. Once logged-in, the dashboard provides all messages and details of declarations. Direct access to all documents is enabled without switch-over between declarations. Exit procedures allow multiple applications. Chris Savage remembers: “The point was not to make any mistake during the demo session. The fact that Scope would fulfill all required demands and impress with its user-friendliness, was clear to us.”

“The point was not to make any mistake during the demo session. The fact that Scope would fulfill all required demands and impress with its user-friendliness, was clear to us.”

– Chris Savage, Branch Manager Frankfurt bei Riege Software

2 Teams like 1

The presentation succeeded. The decision was taken accordingly. The committee in charge voted with all in accord for Scope. This consent was continued in implementation phase. The teams from SENATOR INTERNATIONAL and Riege carried out the project with exemplary cooperation. So rapidly, even old hands were staggered. In fact, the time frame was undercut, and from day 1 SENATOR INTERNATIONAL was enabled to embed all necessary customs procedures in their logistics system. “The implementation of Scope for the ATLAS procedures proceeded without difficulty, the start was smooth. The high expectations we had have been fulfilled,” stated Bernd Lindenmayer, Managing Director at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL in appreciation and he continued, “I want to thank everybody involved in the project making this success possible – our own staff and at Riege.”

Numbers that count

The cross-system connectivity of Scope assures fast and secure exchange of data with customs authorities respective customs procedures. Since February 2017, SENATOR INTERNATIONAL generates up to 20,000 declarations from 300 work stations at 12 branches, saving several hours of time particularly on consol shipments at weekends. The investment in Scope payed off from the very beginning.

Seeing is believing.

Discover why leading forwarders favor Scope over others.

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