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Scope enables seamless door-to-door tracking through integration of CargoSteps

Düsseldorf/Meerbusch - Riege has added an important component to the tracking function in its Scope forwarding software. By integrating CargoSteps, transparency on the first and last mile is improved both within the company in handling operations and for end customers via the Scope Connect extension.

Users of Scope can distribute local transport orders to transport companies via CargoSteps. Once an order has been accepted by the driver, all relevant data between collection and delivery is transmitted to CargoSteps via a mobile app and from there forwarded to Scope. When using Scope Connect, all status updates up to the electronic proof of delivery (PoD) are available to all parties involved in a timely manner.

“With this integration, we are improving Scope users' ability to offer high quality with relatively little effort. This includes improved visibility on the first and last mile,” says Felix Müller, product manager for the forwarding modules in Scope at Riege Software.

Scope users benefit twice over

Milestones in local transport can be monitored automatically by means of a status transmission. This allows the clerk to concentrate on the relevant cases and does not have to manually track every order. Seamless, cross-company tracking not only reduces the communication effort during order processing, it also gives Scope users the certainty that door-to-door processing is running smoothly. The data can then be used to generate KPI reports, on the basis of which performance can be evaluated and, if necessary, improvement concepts can be worked out together with the entrepreneurs.

“By integrating CargoSteps into an existing transport management system, forwarders and connected customers are given the opportunity for seamless tracking. But that is not all. The more intelligently such a system is set up, the more extensive are the possibilities, for example, to subsequently create evaluations to improve performance,” said Rachid Touzani, CEO and co-founder of CargoSteps. “In addition to monitoring, Scope from Riege also enables comprehensive data evaluations for cost controlling and quality management.”

Time savings are significant

The aim of seamless transport monitoring and management is not only reliability and customer satisfaction but also increased efficiency. More tracking with less effort not only ensures more control in the execution of transport orders, since a large number of telephone calls and e-mail exchanges can be dispensed during the processing phase, efficiency is increased considerably. CargoSteps has calculated that the time saved per operator is up to 70 minutes per day. Time that can be used for more orders, because less pressure is on the shoulders of the operators. And this is another of Scope's strengths - making the working lives of those involved noticeably easier.

About CargoSteps

CargoSteps is a cloud-based specialist for cross-company work and information flows in logistics. The core product is a door-to-door track & trace solution with proactive status updates. CargoSteps was founded in Frankfurt in 2016 and is now used by users in 22 countries.

With its open interface, CargoSteps can be integrated into other systems, allowing freight forwarders to immediately use the full functionality of the system without onboarding. Through the CargoSteps web application, smaller companies can also access CargoSteps, network with forwarders, carriers and couriers and jointly process transport orders immediately. With the help of the mobile app for smartphones for drivers, tracking of freight and sending updates becomes vehicle-independent. The use of CargoSteps leads to a decreasing error rate, an increase in productivity, relief for employees and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Contact Information

Murat Karakaya
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
+49 69 26484073

About Riege Software

Riege Software is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the logistics industry. Established in 1985, the privately-owned and managed company provides products and services to more than 550 customers worldwide with over 6,000 users in 43 countries. Headquartered in Germany, Riege maintains 6 branches in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The company's brand is Scope, the Digital Standard for freight forwarding and Customs, which accelerates all processes and procedures in logistics. Through integration of external ERP/WMS, Scope enables cross-system collaboration and network building, with focus on improving visibility for all stakeholders, quality enhancement, increased productivity, cost reduction and revenue improvement, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

Contact Information

Benjamin Riege
Marketing Director
+49 2159 9148-0

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