MEERBUSCH, Germany – December 6, 2017 – Riege Software and DGM Software Development Group signed a contract for a long-term collaboration aiming to enhance current and future requirements for security compliance and coevally simplify the creation of dangerous goods shipments for freight forwarders.

“We presume that Scope is probably the best transport management system for freight forwarders because we clearly get this reaction from leading players in the market,“ said Herman Teering, CEO of DGM-SDG. “This is why we also expect a respectable part of our future growth in direct connection with Scope by Riege Software.”

“DGM-SDG as the leading provider of electronic solutions for dangerous goods and hazardous material, and recommended by globally acting customers like FedEx, is the perfect partner to enhance the security compliance within and out of Scope,” complemented Tobias Riege, COO at Riege Software. “Satisfying international regulations according to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) is a key aspect for our growing customer base.”

In the first step, Riege Software integrated DGOffice into Scope to allow immediate access to and validated import of constantly and continuously updated data on dangerous goods and hazardous material without media breaks or other disruptions:

  • Dangerous goods and hazardous materials can be easily appointed by keying the UN-Number
  • Alternatively, dangerous goods and hazardous materials can be located and selected by name via Quick Search within Scope
  • Cargo-IMP codes and possible CAO (Cargo Aircraft Only) mandatories are automatically identified
  • After completion, Shipping Instructions can be printed directly out of Scope

With the decision to connect DGOffice to Scope, Riege Software enables users – once more – to concentrate on their core business while complementary routines are left to automated processes within Scope.

About DGM Software Development Group

DGM Software Development Group has the mission to deliver information technology expertise dedicated to safe production, storage, transport and trade of any class of dangerous goods or hazardous material. All activities are performed in accordance with the global quality & safety standards. The company is headquartered in Lelystad, the Netherlands. Its development offices are located in the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, while sales and support offices can be found throughout the world.

The DGOffice software product range covers all areas within ICAO/IATA, IMDG, ADR, 49CFR, TDG, ADG, RID, GHS, SEVESO and the environment. Included are Safety Data Sheets, Workspace Instructions, Safety Adviser, Transport, Warehousing and Waste management. The product range is designed to operate together with the most common administrative computer systems like SAP, Navision, AS 400-systems, Unix-systems etc. These systems are also designed to handle and operate with the customers own dangerous goods database containing customers’ own product descriptions and product numbers.

About Riege Software

Riege Software is a leading provider of smart software solutions and services for the cargo industry. Established in 1985, the privately-owned company provides products and services to more than 350 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Germany, Riege maintains branches in Europe, Asia and North America.

The company's brand is Scope, a smart, innovative Transport Management System for Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Customs. Built with effortless, functional features, Scope accelerates all processes and procedures. Since man is the most important link in the entire supply chain, Scope combines form with function and is designed for current and future logistics professionals. Guaranteed to enhance their work-life.


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