Meerbusch, Germany – Remarkably successful end-of-quarter closing for Riege Software International. With eight new customers connected to Scope in Q4 2014, the company’s aims have been accomplished, providing what the industry requires most: Innovation in Logistics to assure profitable future growth.

Likewise remarkable, the new customers are recognized to be amongst the most important players at their company’s location in the US, Netherlands, Mexico and Germany. Namely American Export Lines (with customs module US AES), Cargo Modules LLC, Lift Freight Services, Moving Forward International, Pfister Logistik, United Logistics Services, Westar and Zufall. Final decisions have predominantly based on one of the most convincing facets within Scope – the One-Data-Entry principle to enable entire shipment handling from initial quotation to final billing – including paperless communication, exchange of data and e-invoicing.

Within Scope, e-freight is implemented by default. As a key result, customers significantly save time as well as reduce operational cost, two essential aspects in a highly competitive market.

For Riege Software International, the success of Q4 constitutes ideal conditions for an even-handedly successful year 2015. “Innovation in Logistics” – with Scope, future may come.

About Riege Software International

Riege Software International is a leading provider of smart software solutions for the cargo industry. Established 1985, the family-owned company provides products and services to more than 300 customers worldwide. Riege employs over 80 staff at headquarters in Germany and branches in Europe, Asia and North America.