Geneva, Switzerland – The air transport industry is still dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and thus managed to maintain its leading position in the supply chain. The IATA 2021 Digital Cargo Webinars, starting from June 22nd to July 13th in 2021 are mainly focused on digitalization in the air cargo industry, in order to arouse the stakeholders’ interest in fully embracing the transformation towards a more digital future. Riege Software is among the main sponsors of the digital event while Christian Riege, SVP Software Development will be one of IATA’s distinguished keynote speakers in the exclusive session.

Air Cargo has a voice

Among other speakers with a leading and transformative role in digitalization, like Dorothea von Boxberg, Chief Executive Officer Lufthansa Cargo and Lionel van der Walt, Global Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Pay Cargo, Christian Riege will present his thoughts on how the air cargo industry turned out to be the winning horse throughout the pandemic, the digital role model of passenger transportation and how it can be transferred onto cargo and furthermore point out how collaborations and international alliances can drive the industry towards a more digital future.

“This year, we are once again delighted to participate in the Digital Cargo Webinars and to support IATA alongside other distinguished industry representatives by providing an insight into the new industry standards from a software developer’s point of view. It is time to embrace the idea of bringing digitalization to life and let cargo speak for itself.“

Christian Riege, SVP Software Development, Riege Software

New projects ahead

Throughout the digital event IATA is introducing two new important milestones in the digitalization process: The Digital Cargo Working Group, which was created in 2021 to promote the ONE Record initiative and its idea of a unified data sharing standard to the air cargo world and the Air Cargo Digital Maturity Index, which will offer an annual survey of the state of digitalization in the industry, followed by a panel discussion on how to define and adopt new industry standards.

About Riege Software

Riege Software is the creator of Scope, the leading cloud-based software for Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Customs. Designed to be the Digital Standard for digital logistics, Scope enables participants in the global supply chain to practice unrestricted collaboration with just one system.

Established in 1985 and ever since privately owned and managed, Riege has a continuous and sound understanding of the requirements of the logistics industry, serving more than 575 companies of any size in 46 countries. The future of logistics is digital. Scope is the future of digital logistics.

For more information on the event, visit: Digital Cargo Webinars

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