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A family business – an extensive knowledge base.

The development of Scope marks a new milestone in the history of Riege Software International (Riege). The family business, based in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, is a leading provider of smart software solutions for freight and logistics.

With around 80 employees, over 300 international customers and offices in Europe, Asia and North America, Riege has made a name for itself as an experienced partner for freight forwarders, carriers and manufacturing businesses. Riege not only provides the industry with individual logistics solutions but also offers extensive first-hand customer support and services.


Commitment, a good grasp of international trade and new developments.

Johannes Riege – company founder and expert in transportation and logistics – was developing software for the aviation industry as early as 1978. A passion that he passed on to three of his sons, who are now enthusiastically engaged in running the company.

Over 25 years of experience, development and know-how are behind Riege’s products, which cover the whole range of functions in the process chain via e-solution: from handling freight, to management, organisation and reporting through to customs.


What are the key functions in the business of global transportation and the organisation of the international stream of goods?

What opportunities do reliable system solutions offer for handling freight shipments?

And what role does IT play for the industry?

After founding his company in 1985, Johannes Riege provided the answer to all logistics issues concerning air freight and sea freight as well as customs with his complex Procars (Professional Carriage System) application, setting a standard for the industry. High customer satisfaction and long-term business partnerships have accompanied Procars since its launch. Currently the application is running in 120 countries.