We're here to help.

We are available 24/7, providing friendly assistance and competent answers. Experienced staff members handle your issues, whether it be questions regarding the usage of Scope or ideas for improvement - quick and efficient.

User Manual

Scope's online user manual is continuously updated. It contains an in-depth yet easy to understand description of all modules and functions. This extensive knowledge base conveys techniques, tips and tricks to improve the user's efficiency. Scope features a smart direct link from your current screen to the manual's matching page so that help is just around the corner.


Scope is directly linked to an online issue tracking system that can be accessed 24x7 by every user. Tickets may be created on the fly from within Scope using a single key stroke. This enables our support team to provide a quick yet thorough analysis of your requests. Continuous exchange of information, regular status updates and transparent processes ensure mutual compliance of the agreed upon service levels.


Our tailor-made training sessions for you and your staff enable the full potential of Scope within your company. Competent trainers with a long-time know-how of business processes introduce the basic concepts and workflows within Scope and provide you with methods to master even the most challenging tasks.


Upon request our 24x7 phone hotline is available, ensuring that urgent issues are registered and escalated to an applicable professional.

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