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Pan Asia Logistics Rolls Out Scope in All Asian Branches

 Pan Asia Logistics Rolls Out Scope in All Asian Branches

Pan Asia Logistics, a preferred air and ocean freight forwarder and logistics partner for many top brands in the East Asian market, has rolled-out Scope, the new transport management system by Riege Software. The product was implemented in 40 offices during 2011, with the new head office in Singapore to follow in spring 2012. Pan Asia Logistics uses Scope to enhance its services and integration with its customers. Scope also simplifies internal processes and reduces costs.

Reliability and Service

Pan Asia Logistics is owned by the German forwarder Karl Heinz Dietrich (40 per cent), Singaporean citizen Susan Tan (5 per cent) and founder Christian Bischoff (55 per cent). The company has been active in the market for 10 years and is specialized in air and ocean freight, warehousing and project logistics. Pan Asia Logistics also offers complementary added-value services such as customs clearance and storage, distribution management, supply and inventory management, dangerous goods and waste logistics. Pan Asia also provides supply chain management as a 3PL or 4PL provider.

Growing rapidly, the company achieved revenues of €82 million in 2011. The 40 branches in Asia are staffed to the highest professional standards and have obtained all required operating licenses. Pan Asia Logistics offices in the Asian region are in turn linked to a global network of partners.

Riege IT Solutions Right from the Start

Christian Bischoff believes a key factor in this success lies in strongly performing IT, “Thanks to our IT systems we can provide customers with full transparency for all their shipments and we have rational, reliable processes,” he explains.

“With Scope, Riege has made a quantum leap, not only technologically but also in terms of the functionality.”

– Christian Bischoff, Managing Director and Founder at Pan Asia Logistics

IT solutions from Riege Software helped the logistics specialist right from the start. Riege handles its Asian clients from its Hong Kong office. With the rapid expansion and establishment of new locations, Pan Asia Logistics saw the need for a more powerful IT solution. “We were very satisfied with Scope's predecessor system, which was a fantastic, very stable system. But with Scope, Riege has made a quantum leap, not only technologically but also in terms of the functionality which offers us completely new ways of handling our logistics business,” Christian Bischoff says.

Improved Processes and Quality

Scope covers the complete process chain of an international shipment, starting with collection from the shipper through to delivery to the final customer. “Scope includes a cost control module; for every order we see all the revenues and costs, and so we can react promptly. The invoicing takes place automatically via an interface with our accounting system. If a customer has reached their credit limit, then our employee instantly receives a message from Scope when a new order comes in,” explains Thomas Aw, Regional Manager IT. Scope also supports Asian languages, both on the graphic user interface and on printed documents.

“At the roll-out we saw our 200 or so users immediately worked much more productively and with minimal training.”

– Thomas Aw, Regional Manager IT at Pan Asia Logistics

Thomas Aw sees a particular advantage in Scope’s graphical interface. “At the roll-out we saw our 200 or so users immediately worked much more productively and with minimal training. Scope is not only attractively presented but can be used absolutely intuitively and is an intelligent system. It always offers users a context-relevant menu selection. Scope has made our internal procedures more efficient and improved the quality of work.” One feature demonstrates this in particular: the intelligent document management. The user can archive all documents as an electronic file for every process, even photos. The e-mail correspondence for every order also remains in the correct order.

Riege Data Center in Hong Kong

Riege's new data center in Hong Kong went into service in December 2011, with Pan Asia Logistics as the launch customer. This hosted solution offers greater efficiency. Scope is administered centrally and generates lower overall costs, according to managing director Christian Bischoff. “We rent the complete solution including all services from Riege. This means that we do not have large-scale investments in software, hardware, data security, administration, maintenance, and so on.” Management may invest this money elsewhere. In July 2011 Pan Asia Logistics opened its new head office in Singapore where an additional logistics center is currently under construction. This includes 50,000 square meters of largely air-conditioned space that will be used for warehousing. Pan Asia Logistics is also expanding its warehousing capacities in Malaysia and South Korea with the establishment of new logistics facilities in these locations.

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