Fast Entry of Bookings.

Even if data is incomplete, bookings can be created prior to generating shipments enabling creation of transfer orders such as warehouse pickup or delivery. Consequently, booking con rmations can be printed and sent to the customer in advance. Some customs transactions are also enabled directly from bookings. As soon as all shipment details are ready, bookings can be converted into shipments.

Container And Package Disposition With Drag And Drop, Copy and Paste Function.

Within the goods editor, containers and packages can be added to all types of shipments. Final disposition of containers and goods can be done with drag and drop or copy and paste saving time and increasing accuracy.

Integrated Editor For B/L-Instructions, House-B/L And Fiata-FCR.

These self-contained editors provide a clear view to the user when creating B/L instructions, House-B/L and Fiata FCR, plus related documents. Thus Scope Sea Freight enables easy modifications of documents for shipments without having to change shipment data.

Individual Transfer Orders For Container Pickup And Delivery To Warehouse And Terminal.

Individual transfer orders for containers and packages can be printed for all shipments: Pickup, container pickup, warehouse delivery. In addition, a CMR (International Waybill for Road Freight Traffic) can be created and printed for all transfer orders.

Disposition of Consolidations.

Consols can be built fast and easily. Packages can be added or deleted via drag and drop. This is consolidation done blindfold.

Super-House-Shipments LCL and FCL.

Super-House is the aggregation of several House shipments into one order. Like a “normal” House shipment, Super-House can be easily added to a consolidated shipment without “own” goods. When no own master exists for a destination, shipments can be transferred to third party forwarders via the Super-House. Thus only one B/L is generated in order to save costs.

INTTRA, GT Nexus, CargoSmart.

Scope Sea Freight includes communication with INTTRA, GT-Nexus and CargoSmart. For bookings, events and B/L-Instructions. As soon as instructions and messages to carriers are added finalized B/Ls can be transmitted.

Ports of Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam.

Communication with the ports of Hamburg, Bremen and Rotterdam is enabled directly from Scope. After selection of required messages, all necessary information will be automatically transmitted, including existing registered shipment data.

Automated Editing of Dangerous Goods.

Direct entry of dangerous goods information for cargo within shipments. Immediate access to built in of cial lists of dangerous goods data such as UN-No., IMGD- class and additional class. On selection of UN number and class, related text will automatically appear and required additional information will be highlighted.

Compliance: Check.

Within Scope, addresses are checked against restricted party lists of the UN, EU and US authorities. This check can be done automatically or manually by the user.


Tracking and booking via web.

Connect is the complimentary web application that enables forwarders, agents and customers to track the current status of a shipment. All participants obtain reliable advice on their responsibilities, are enabled to fulfill milestones and add events. Customers can place bookings that are instantly available in Scope.


Advantages from Software as a Service.

Scope is provided exclusively as Software as a Service (SaaS) and delivered through the secure Riege cloud, with all its attendant advantages. No investments in IT, asset acquisition, maintenance and services are required. Instead, Scope provides solid availability, automated updates, easy scalability, mobile access and reporting across locations.

Data Update Service

Important data always up to date.

By placing it as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, Scope is continually updated. This not only applies to the respective version updates, but also to the numerous stored variable master data of economic or legal significance, which must always be up to date. These data are centrally managed, reviewed daily and updated as necessary.

Cost Control

Turnover, cost and earnings at a glance.

The cost Control within Scope provides a detailed break-down of income and expenses for each transaction. Automatically generated records store the cost summary and trigger an immediate alarm if suppliers’ bills show any deviations. There is a credit limit interface enabling allocation of individual credit ratings to customers and monitoring of exposure to financial risks. Also featured is a function enabling presentation of monthly financial statements supported by reliable benchmarking statistics.


Paperless exchange of data and information.

The e-mail function is integrated into Scope's electronic file. Thus users get the opportunity to provide business partners with the necessary documents and information directly from the business process. This saves time, money and not least paper.

Direct Customs Connections

Reliable transmissions, shorter response times.

To provide seamless and secure connections, direct and certified lines are implemented between Scope and customs. Countries currently served by Scope customs are Germany (ATLAS), Netherlands (AGS), Switzerland (e-dec) and USA (ISF, AMS, AES). Regularly and free of charge updates enable reliable declarations according to regulations. With shorter response times, without external disruptions due to third party deficiencies.

Sailing Schedules

Automatic takeover without manual entry.

The sailing lists for departures from the ports of Hamburg, Bremen / Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven are automatically accepted in Scope. Alternatively, the sailing lists can be managed manually if necessary.

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