Shipment Monitor

Status and Milestones in view and under control.

The Shipment Monitor enables users to see the current status of all shipments recorded in Scope at a glance, without calling up each shipment individually. It displays the last event as well as the next milestone with time data. If action is required, it is possible switch directly to the affected shipment, e.g. to change, update, or delete status. The respective status can also be viewed online via the web application Connect.

More overview.

All planned and actual processes of a shipment are displayed as a list of milestones with planned and actual times. The user sees immediately if the status of his shipments is in the green range.

More certainty.

Milestones can be fulfilled automatically or manually. The respective status is displayed, any need for action e.g. at timeouts is immediately visible. This makes the entire handling significantly safer.

Less effort.

Using various filter functions, particular shipments or statuses can be selected, monitored or executed. The user can concentrate on the selected shipments and does not have to work his way through the entire shipment overview.

Less outage.

The timely overview of all shipments and the ability to intervene promptly reduces the risk of unwanted and costly delays or the potential total loss.

Seeing is believing.

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