RA/KC Screening

Fast and reliable mandatory checking with Scope.

Scope keeps users in compliance with international law by automatically checking the obligatory EU lists for Regulated Agents and Known Consignors (RA/KC). This is done without annoying and time-consuming visits to external websites. No extra searching of names or KC numbers is necessary because Scope will know if a particular business partner still has a valid number.

Legally protected

By connecting Scope to the EU database, the automatic check takes place directly from the master data or from within the shipment entry itself. Validity period and frequency of checking are both configurable. A manual check of any partner is also possible, but the automated check is recommended to assure accurate and punctual validation to ensure legal protection.

Secured faster

All the retrieved data results are temporarily stored in the Scope cache for instant re-checks in case of recurring inquiries. This saves additional time by sidestepping the EU data base which will only be contacted if specified checking periods have expired or new queries require another direct call to the database.

Meticulously recorded

Scope automatically stores logs of RA/KC screenings and these can be called up at any time to show which address was checked by whom and when this occurred. The date and time of the last check and the result of this prior check are also shown. This record ensures that the user is on the safe side in the event of incidents or investigations.

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