Automated creation with completion of shipments.

Scope creates the e-AWB with no extra tool needed. With impressive additional benefits. Scope knows if an airline or trade lane is 'e' and takes care of it. Thus the airline will automatically update the shipment in Scope with arrival and departure events.

Significant savings.

Saving paper according to the IATA e-freight initiative has a remarkable impact in terms of economy as well as ecology. The most significant savings, however, are realised in comparison to an AWB without ‘e’.

No need for extra systems.

Since the e-AWB is created automatically with the completion of a shipment, no extra systems are needed. The workflow has not to be interrupted.

Reduction of input data errors.

The One-time-entry-of shipment data and their automated import in the eAWB leads to less errors and the resultant delays.

Less time, less cost.

Simplification and acceleration of the e-AWB with the completion of a shipment reduces time consumption and lowers the cost per shipment.

How long will you wait?

How long will you wait?

Scope delivers the e-AWB without extra tools and waste of time. At 100%.

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