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Airline Messaging

Secure exchange of messages in high quality.

The exchange of messages between Scope and Airlines takes place automatically, securely and reliably. The Riege Cargo Community System (CCS) connects to airlines via various portals such as Descartes, Champ, Cargonaut and others. Thereby it is possible to configure extra message copies to cover local requirements if applicable and to determine the best communication channel depending upon an airlines' availability on respective portals.

Cargo iQ

Standardization ensures optimization.

Cargo iQ is the IATA initiative to process control, quality monitoring and services improvements for airlines, forwarders and handling companies. Simplification of processes and standardization of data enables comparable measures for the evaluation and optimization of quality standards in execution and handling of air freight shipments.


Tracking and booking via web.

Connect is the complimentary web application that enables forwarders, agents and customers to track the current status of a shipment. All participants obtain reliable advice on their responsibilities, are enabled to fulfill milestones and add events. Customers can place bookings that are instantly available in Scope.

Dangerous Goods

Identification and elimination of risks.

Scope enables the direct entry of dangerous goods information within shipments. The immediate access to built in official lists of dangerous goods data such as UN numbers, IMGD (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) codes and additional class avoids the disruption of workflow caused by unnecessary change of systems.


More insight, less outage.

The Scope Dashboards equip managers with substantial insight and rock-solid information about their company's performance, thus providing awareness for future decisions. Interactive meaningful graphs cover key visibility of key financial and operational issues on 3 different levels: Branch, Legal Entity, and Organization.


Automated creation with completion of shipments.

Scope creates the e-AWB with no extra tool needed. With impressive additional benefits. Scope knows if an airline or trade lane is 'e' and takes care of it. Thus the airline will automatically update the shipment in Scope with arrival and departure events.

Flight Schedule

Fast and easy flight search.

The integrated flight schedule enables a comfortable search of matching flights within air freight shipments – without interruption of operations. Using shipment data, Scope displays valid flights. After picking the preferred flight all relevant data are added automatically to the shipment.


Offers with higher order potential.

Immediately after receiving a request, the appropriate offer for the respective mode of transport can be created in a few steps and quickly answered. At the click of a mouse, a large number of templates is a available, which can be customized to the customer's request in a matter of seconds. A preview gives the confidence that everything is right - including the professional appearance with own company logo.

Sailing Schedules

Automatic takeover without manual entry.

The sailing lists for departures from the ports of Hamburg, Bremen / Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven are automatically accepted in Scope. Alternatively, the sailing lists can be managed manually if necessary.

Sea Carrier Messaging

Automated communication via seamless integration.

Scope offers an EDI connection to INTTRA, GT Nexus, CargoSmart and a direct integration of Ocean Insights. These portals connect users to the major sea carriers worldwide providing seamless administration and exchange of data. The complete work flow happens directly out of Scope, no change of systems necessary.

Shipment Monitor

Status and Milestones in view and under control.

The Shipment Monitor enables users to see the current status of all shipments recorded in Scope at a glance, without calling up each shipment individually. It displays the last event as well as the next milestone with time data. If action is required, it is possible switch directly to the affected shipment, e.g. to change, update, or delete status. The respective status can also be viewed online via the web application Connect.


Article maintenance

Deposition, description and administration of article information.

Article maintenance allows storage and administration of important information for German ATLAS, Dutch and Swiss customs procedures such as country of origin, detailed product identification, labels, weight and price specifications, product group and charge identification. The restricted access to the change history allows precise traceability of which user executed what changes and when.

Direct Customs Connections

Reliable transmissions, shorter response times.

To provide seamless and secure connections, direct and certified lines are implemented between Scope and customs. Countries currently served by Scope customs are Germany (ATLAS), Netherlands (AGS), Switzerland (e-dec) and USA (ISF, AMS, AES). Regularly and free of charge updates enable reliable declarations according to regulations. With shorter response times, without external disruptions due to third party deficiencies.

Fully Loaded

Automated Validation

Secure data entry due to warnings and error messages.

Scope users are automatically alerted to possible input errors by automatic plausibility checks. Scope uses two different control levels. Warnings are displayed when data is not essential. Error displays prevent the registration of incorrect data. Incorrect entries can be corrected immediately.


Advantages from Software as a Service.

Scope is provided exclusively as Software as a Service (SaaS) and delivered through the secure Riege cloud, with all its attendant advantages. No investments in IT, asset acquisition, maintenance and services are required. Instead, Scope provides solid availability, automated updates, easy scalability, mobile access and reporting across locations.

Compliance Check

Surely knowing what is legal.

The automatic or manual address check to ensure compliance with existing regulations is possible from all applications. The constant updating of the most important sanctions lists of the UN, the EU and the USA guarantees highest data reliability.

Cost Control

Turnover, cost and earnings at a glance.

The cost Control within Scope provides a detailed break-down of income and expenses for each transaction. Automatically generated records store the cost summary and trigger an immediate alarm if suppliers’ bills show any deviations. There is a credit limit interface enabling allocation of individual credit ratings to customers and monitoring of exposure to financial risks. Also featured is a function enabling presentation of monthly financial statements supported by reliable benchmarking statistics.

Data Update Service

Important data always up to date.

By placing it as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, Scope is continually updated. This not only applies to the respective version updates, but also to the numerous stored variable master data of economic or legal significance, which must always be up to date. These data are centrally managed, reviewed daily and updated as necessary.


Electronic creation, editing and filing.

Documents are generated electronically in Scope and stored in the PDF standard. They can be electronically exchanged with business partners and printed out as needed. If a document is created multiple times, older versions remain, so that changes are traceable. In the electronic file also externally generated documents can be stored in any format.


Paperless exchange of data and information.

The e-mail function is integrated into Scope's electronic file. Thus users get the opportunity to provide business partners with the necessary documents and information directly from the business process. This saves time, money and not least paper.


Standardized or customized.

The form templates in Scope contain all documents for the processing of air and sea freight shipments including customs for Germany and the Netherlands. All forms can be used standardized or customized on request.

International and Local

Adjustment to languages and local conventions.

Scope has been designed to suit the challenges of our globalized world. Support for multiple languages, local conventions and regulations are naturally integrated. Date, time, currencies and number formats dynamically adjust depending on local specialities.

Personal Quick Access

Self-configuration and administration of individual workplaces.

Since the working methods of individual users differ, Scope offers the possibility of designing a workplace individually and adapting it to personal working methods.

Quick Data Entry

The easy way to a complete shipment.

With its user-friendly desktop, Scope creates the best conditions for result-oriented order processing. Clearly structured, intuitive input fields make daily work easier and enable faster, more efficient and more enjoyable working.

Quick Search

Searching data simply faster.

The database stored in Scope can be quickly and reliably searched through all code and ID fields. All search entries complete themselves intuitively. By using intelligent filters, desired search results are delivered within seconds and displayed clearly.

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