Fast Entry of Bookings.

Bookings can be created prior to generating shipments even when data is incomplete, enabling pick-up services or airline bookings to be generated in advance. Subsequently, bookings can be converted into shipments. Via Scope Connect, customers can create their own web bookings which are automatically visible as bookings in Scope and can be converted into shipments.

Quotation With Conversion Into Shipments.

Quotations can be generated as ad hoc or contract based and presented to customers as offers. Quotations can be converted into bookings or shipments at any time. An overview indicates which quotations have been converted into shipments or bookings and how many times this has occurred. Scope automatically displays if a new shipment matches an existing quotation.

Carrier Bookings For Single And Collective Consignments.

Provided an airline supports the transaction, bookings can be created electronically from Scope and transmitted to directly or via email with attached PDF. In consol shipments, users get an overview of total capacities used for each airline booking. When a consolidation creates an overbooking, Scope generates an alert to enable the user to book additional capacity.

Integrated Editor For House-AWB And IATA-AWB.

These self-contained editors provide a clear view to the user when creating a HAWB/MAWB and enable easy modification of the AWB for shipments without having to change shipment data.

Administration of Carrier AWB Numbers With Automated Re-Stock-Function.

Users do not have to ll in and manage AWBs manually, these can be drawn directly during entry. If the carrier changes, the unused AWB will be re-stocked to the AWB pool, ready for use in other shipments. In addition, AWB numbers of third party agents (e.g. IGLU) can be used in Scope. These are automatically checked if the AWB number belongs to the respective issuing agent.

Connection To Cargo Community Systems.

On completion of the AWB, FWB (e-AWB) and FHL messages will be submitted automatically to the corresponding CCS via clearing center. Confirmation and responses from the airline are automatically imported into Scope and displayed within the shipment entry.

Integrated Flight Schedule.

Search for flights via integrated flight schedule within air freight shipments. Using shipment data, the system displays valid flights to the user for easy selection.

Automated Or Manual Departure Control.

Scope checks whether flights have departed on schedule or if undesired delays have occurred which would impact the entire supply chain. When an automated status report is not submitted by the airline, users can manually retrieve the schedules and include them.

Editing And Administration of Consol Flight Schedules With Gateway Function.

In order to avoid continuously editing recurring master shipments, an internal ight schedule can be generated from existing documents and published as gateway. Thus all branches have access to the timetable and can consolidate their house shipments directly on the master shipment. Complete control over how branches may book on the gateway (directly to consol or pre-booked for consol) can be de ned by authorization or restrictions.

Net Rate Overview With Search and Export Function.

This application within Scope enables fast and secure evaluation of the most favorable carrier tariffs including freight costs (e.g. fuel, security). Net rates are displayed in the overview of quotations, booking and shipment modules to allow immediate guaranteed offers to be issued to customers.

Flight Schedule

Fast and easy flight search.

The integrated flight schedule enables a comfortable search of matching flights within air freight shipments – without interruption of operations. Using shipment data, Scope displays valid flights. After picking the preferred flight all relevant data are added automatically to the shipment.


Automated creation with completion of shipments.

Scope creates the e-AWB with no extra tool needed. With impressive additional benefits. Scope knows if an airline or trade lane is 'e' and takes care of it. Thus the airline will automatically update the shipment in Scope with arrival and departure events.


Tracking and booking via web.

Connect is the complimentary web application that enables forwarders, agents and customers to track the current status of a shipment. All participants obtain reliable advice on their responsibilities, are enabled to fulfill milestones and add events. Customers can place bookings that are instantly available in Scope.


Advantages from Software as a Service.

Scope is provided exclusively as Software as a Service (SaaS) and delivered through the secure Riege cloud, with all its attendant advantages. No investments in IT, asset acquisition, maintenance and services are required. Instead, Scope provides solid availability, automated updates, easy scalability, mobile access and reporting across locations.

Data Update Service

Important data always up to date.

By placing it as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, Scope is continually updated. This not only applies to the respective version updates, but also to the numerous stored variable master data of economic or legal significance, which must always be up to date. These data are centrally managed, reviewed daily and updated as necessary.

Automated Validation

Secure data entry due to warnings and error messages.

Scope users are automatically alerted to possible input errors by automatic plausibility checks. Scope uses two different control levels. Warnings are displayed when data is not essential. Error displays prevent the registration of incorrect data. Incorrect entries can be corrected immediately.

International and Local

Adjustment to languages and local conventions.

Scope has been designed to suit the challenges of our globalized world. Support for multiple languages, local conventions and regulations are naturally integrated. Date, time, currencies and number formats dynamically adjust depending on local specialities.

Quick Search

Searching data simply faster.

The database stored in Scope can be quickly and reliably searched through all code and ID fields. All search entries complete themselves intuitively. By using intelligent filters, desired search results are delivered within seconds and displayed clearly.

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