To tick isn't slick

Searching for the right Transport Management System you shouldn't check boxes but faculties.

To tick isn't slick

When choosing a new TMS (Transportation Management System), some forwarders put their trust in consultants, but strangely consultants often don't trust themselves but prefer checkboxes. Sounds funny but gets funnier when you check some of the checkbox criteria. Air Freight, Sea Freight, Customs, yes or no. Seriously! Would you choose a car by ticking engine, dashboard, camshaft, yes or no? Certainly not.

To make the right decision you have to put the systems to the acid-test. It's all about features and functionality, for management, finance and operations, with the focus on information, integration and simplification. After all, a new TMS is an investment in a company's future, it's not just another piece of software. So don't check boxes. Schedule a demo for Scope and check it out!

Seeing is believing.

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