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Train more to gain more.

Enhance your expertise and sharpen your skills on Scope by attending our profound courses.

Training systems

Hardware is fast and state-of-the-art, the same as the software.

Training team

From desktop to the desk. Trainers are support professionals.

Training units

Participants are limited to 8 to keep the lessons fun and fertile.

Training Schedule

Date Course Trainer
22.01.2018 Tips & Tricks for daily use Roberta Maria Doppelfeld
23.01.2018 Statistics and Reporting Sandra Stütz
24.01.2018 Connect Roberta Maria Doppelfeld
25.01.2018 Type of Activity / Tariffs / Creation of Vouchers Sascha Plath
26.01.2018 Jobcosting Sascha Plath
29.01.2018 Carrier Messaging Rita Schmidt
30.01.2018 Sea Freight Milestones / Shipment Monitor Rita Schmidt
31.01.2018 ATLAS AES Sven Krings
01.02.2018 ATLAS Einfuhr Sven Krings
02.02.2018 ATLAS Zolllager Sven Krings
24.04.2018 Air Freight Export Sascha Plath
25.04.2018 Air Freight Import Sascha Plath
26.04.2018 Air Freight Milestones / Departure Control / Shipment Monitor Roberta Maria Doppelfeld
02.05.2018 Sea Freight Export Rita Schmidt
03.05.2018 Sea Freight Export Rita Schmidt
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