Sea Carrier Messaging

Automated communication via seamless integration.

Scope offers an EDI connection to INTTRA, GT Nexus, CargoSmart and a direct integration of Ocean Insights. These portals connect users to the major sea carriers worldwide providing seamless administration and exchange of data. The complete work flow happens directly out of Scope, no change of systems necessary.

Secure exchange of all data.

Exchange of data includes the transmission of container bookings, shipping instructions and Vermas Messages containing the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) to the carrier as well as the receipt of container events from the carrier. Fast, securely and without deviation.

Vermas Messages – one entry, all portals.

VGM data have to be keyed only once an can be transmitted directly out of Scope to the EDI portals for further forwarding to carriers.

Additional information.

The integration to the portal of Ocean Insights provides tracking events for all major sea carriers. This is particularly for the benefit of import driven branches who do not need to handle bookings or shipping instructions, but real time insights and accurate information on the actual status of shipments.

Reliable message routing.

All communication to and from carriers is routed via the Riege Clearing Center. It provides reliable conversion of the multiple message-formats in use. The routing itself is a 100% behind-the-scenes procedure without any need for action or intervention by the user.

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