Sea Carrier Messaging

Automated communication via seamless integration.

Scope enables Container Booking, editing and transmission of B/L instructions, automated event update and dispatch of VGM (VERMAS) messages by connecting directly to the portals of INTTRA, GT Nexus, CargoSmart and Ocean Insights. The complete work flow is seamlessly integrated, no interruptions due to change of systems or requirements for web browsing occur.

Early booking of containers and continuous tracking.

Bookings and update of Events are enabled for all portals. Bookings can be done prior to shipments even with partial information submitted during the creation of shipments. Subsequently, all events are automatically exchanged between Scope and portals and thus regularly updated. The Integration with Ocean Insights allows branches that do not execute bookings or B/L instructions to receive detailed tracking events about the current status of shipments.

Transmission of VGM (VERMAS) independently of the B/L.

VGM (VERMAS) data must be keyed in only once and can be transmitted directly out of Scope to INTTRA, GT Nexus and CargoSmart for further transmission to carriers. VGM (VERMAS) data and carriers' feedback can be exchanged prior to B/L instructions to accelerate the entire process. Messages via INTTRA require an eVGM contract which is offered by Riege as a certified INTTRA eVGM reseller.

Editing and synchronization of B/L Instructions.

The integrated, easy to handle B/L editor enables the entry of data independently of shipments and allows continuous synchronization of shipment data, unlimited input of additional data in case of further modifications or corrections.

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