Who rules the world of tomorrow – and why and whereby?

Christian Riege appears as expert at the Innovation Lab 2018 panel discussing future technology.

Being sponsor of the Frankfurt Air Cargo Innovation Lab, taking place on November 8th, Riege Software also contributes to the summit of leading influencers and decision-makers with the attendance of Christian Riege, SVP Software Development. Christian, having worked on “The Future of Logistics” since he created Riege‘s forwarding software Scope, will add his point of view on what it takes to be part of the ruling league.

“The matter of rulership is as old as mankind. The question of who rules whom went along with it. But it's more exciting to ask why.”

– Christian Riege, SVP Software Development at Riege Software

Regarding the future of logistics, Christian has experienced that the answer to this second question goes along with attitude and configuration. And the choice of accompanying technology.

Conceived in 2005, market-ready in 2008, Scope is one of the early future-oriented technologies for the logistics industry. And still a leading one. As of today applied and appreciated in 34 countries around the world, Scope serves 5,000+ users in 450+ companies, underlining the claim for rulership of both, the customers and Scope itself. Which answers the third question of how to gain rulership: Whereby? By making the right decision for the right technology at the right time.

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Ontdek waarom toonaangevende expediteurs de voorkeur geven aan Scope.

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