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Riege‘s 13th International Meeting is set yet again to shape the future of logistics – and its own.

Shaping the future of logistics implies almost without exception the creation and development of digital solutions that foster unrestricted collaboration. However, these solutions don't emerge by sheer coincidence or mere “what-ifs” and intuition. At Riege Software, they result from global market knowledge and analysis, innovative thinking, practical application models and not least, from the outstanding work of highly qualified software developers. As a consequence, shaping ourselves sets the foundation for our mission to reinforce digitally driven collaboration at the highest possible level.

Apart from daily digital communication exchanging project status updates and information on development progress and other improvements, the annual International Meeting with its workshops, speeches and presentations is set to share state of the art know-how, to update on the company's well-being and growth, to further build team spirit on a personal level, with team members from Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Mexico and the USA.

Taking place from December 10th to 14th, the official meeting covers topics such as the implementation of new methods and technologies, upcoming projects as well as innovative strategies and solutions for the benefit of both Riege customers as well as Riege itself.

Adhering to our own claim of being top of any shopping list of innovative creators and vendors of future-proof forwarding software, Riege covers a wide range of internal activities that enables us to rank among the first choice of providers worldwide.

“Our goal is to improve year after year. The International Meeting marks an annual milestone that helps us to achieve what we're aiming for.”

– Dr. Tobias Riege, CEO of Riege Software

Apart from the strictly professional sessions, socializing plays an important role because colleagues from all over the world rarely get the opportunity for face-to-face conversations to discuss current topics and even burning issues, to share individual insights, but also to maintain friendships or to just chat away.

And of course, there is a fun part too. Joint dinners, the legendary Riege quiz night and most of all the indispensable Christmas party add that extra spirit that brightens our own work-life to keep us all going – at least for another year. Since future without fun doesn't appear like future at all.

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