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Riege completes Cargo iQ audit with best marks for the 3rd time in a row.

Managing quality is one thing. Making quality management possible is another. With Cargo iQ (formerly Cargo 2000), IATA provides an end-to-end standard process and quality management that will continuously improve the value of airfreight, enabling participants in air freight traffic to work according to defined quality standards, to document them and to improve and correct deficiencies if necessary.

Since 2008, Riege has been actively involved, taking the role of a Cargo iQ IT Solution Provider. Employing the masterminds of our Messaging and Clearing Center to raise and keep the required standards, we were first certified with best marks in 2009. Audits for follow-up certifications which take place in a regular three-year cycle have been passed successfully ever since. We have continuously achieved high marks for our contribution, a Cargo Data Management Platform (CDMP).

Adhering to the IATA standards of Cargo iQ, the milestone templates within our forwarding software Scope allow the mapping of operational procedures with the look and feel of Cargo iQ, proving the authenticity of our standards and procedures.

Looking to the future, Cargo iQ strives to become more attractive for small and medium-sized forwarders and Riege actively supports these efforts in the Cargo iQ sub-working group SME. We are totally committed to this goal and will subsequently aim for a fully transparent integration in Scope. Because in Scope, the future never stops.

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