Why managers and supervisors love Scope

Second in a three-part series before AirCargo 2017 featuring reasons people prefer Scope to other products.

Scope is the TMS that everyone loves and we know everyone needs and uses Scope differently. 

  • If you're an operations person, you want to sail through those files to get as much work done as quickly and easily as possible. 
  • If you're a supervisor or manager, you want to be sure that your teams are getting things done on schedule and in compliance.
  • If you're the business owner, then you want to ensure that everything happens profitably while measuring performance, monitoring growth and that the cash flow remains positive. 

With this in mind and with two more weeks until you can meet us and schedule a demo in person at AirCargo 2017, we wanted to look at the features and functionality of Scope that each group is most interested in. We say that Scope supports people, platforms and commerce. In this installment, we'll look at how we meet those three demands for managers and supervisors, sitting between the key constituencies of users and business owners.

Managers can quickly and easily monitor the progress and productivity of their users. Whether making sure that telework employees are meeting their required number of hours or ensuring that problem shipments that are stuck can be pushed free to continue their journey through the supply chain, managers and supervisors love the ability to monitor the people and shipments they are responsible for.

Productivity and accuracy of information are important for managers. Wrong information leads to wrong decision making through the shipment process. Wrong decisions mean a loss of revenue, either through storage, delay or misrouting. Scope is connected to dozens of systems that automate the decision-making with the most accurate information. Bad information leads to bad outcomes, and Scope's technology integrations minimizes that risk.

Commerce is about being responsible for the company's financial health and making decisions with the most accurate information. That's why Scope is integrated with accounting packages like QuickBooks. Invoicing done in Scope moves to QuickBooks and updates customer accounts and credit limits are updated in near real-time. From QuickBooks, payments are posted, helping managers with their decision making and knowing whether or not they need to hold a shipment (or shipments) pending payment or if they are able to perform work on behalf of a client.

In our final installment next week, we'll look at the reasons that business owners love and choose Scope.

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