Why business owners love Scope

Third in a three-part series before AirCargo 2017 featuring reasons people prefer Scope to other products.

Scope is the TMS that everyone loves and we know everyone needs and uses Scope differently.

  • If you're an operations person, you want to sail through those files to get as much work done as quickly and easily as possible. 
  • If you're a supervisor or manager, you want to be sure that your teams are getting things done on schedule and in compliance.
  • If you're the business owner, then you want to ensure that everything happens profitably while measuring performance, monitoring growth and that the cash flow remains positive.

We say that Scope supports people, platforms and commerce. In this final installment, we'll look at how we meet those three demands for business owners, the people ultimately responsible for the health of the company and who must make important decisions for everyone who works for them in the organization.

AirCargo 2017 is this weekend in Orlando - we hope to see you there. Riege will have a full complement of leadership from North America and Germany. I'll be there along with Tobias Riege, our President, Benjamin Riege, our Director of Marketing and Niels Schellingerhout, Sales Director, Mexico. You'll want to stop by booth 418 to say hello and drop your business card for a chance to win a DJI Phantom 3 drone. If you've not already scheduled a demo, be sure to do so. You'll receive a free Tile bluetooth tracker.

When companies commit to make the switch to Scope, the first step is to create an implementation plan. This involves people, both at the business and Riege. Our project management and support system through a transition is unparalleled in the industry and managed with in-house Riege employees who support our products worldwide. Extensive project management, gap analysis and development teams all work together to ensure a well managed and successful transition. Any company that makes light of this Herculean effort or doesn't have extensive experience during this important time puts your business at risk.

As the pricing model for software has changed from buying a product outright and installing and maintaining it on local hardware, smaller and more nimble specialty offerings have appeared. This allows business owners to select the best platforms for their businesses; a more a la carte style of shopping. But make no mistake, these smaller, best-in-class platforms must work together seamlessly and not add additional work that negates their benefit. We have built Scope with the knowledge and understanding that the power of collaboration in our industry is critical for success.

For companies to remain in business, they require capital to survive and grow. Transacting commerce is profitable only when costs are in line with expenses. Riege offers companies sustainable pricing. We have learned over our thirty-five years in business that our pricing model allows us to remain a profitable privately held company that gives us revenue to provide outstanding customer service and new feature development to our global base of users. The longer our customers use Scope, the more the per file transaction cost goes down thanks to employee efficiency and the ability to match staffing levels to demand and workloads.

At Riege, our company culture and larger goals go beyond exclusively profitability. We strive to operate and grow a company that is successful, all while providing an excellent product/service to customers and a warm and inviting workplace that cherishes and develops creativity and contribution. We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in Orlando this weekend.

Seeing is believing.

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