Time and money

SENATOR INTERNATIONAL calculates economy of time in customs clearance with Hanseatic coolness.

Aiming to escalate its First Class Strategy, SENATOR INTERNATIONAL was in search of a solution which would accelerate customs procedure while simultaneously provide a maximum potential of integration.

Focus was on a solution for customs declarations and bonded warehouse. After the implementation of new logistics software it emerged that the customs interface of this solution wasn't satisfactory.

Input requirement was the integration of Scope to the existing logistics software, the goal was defined as significant savings in time, and therefore money, within AES procedures.

In the course of impressive demonstrations, the Riege customs team presented the full scope of Scope, and delivered proof that Scope would fulfill all defined requirements, the acceleration of AES procedures in particular. As a result of long lasting cooperation between Riege and freight forwarders, Scope meets the demands of the forwarding industry more than other systems in the market, and provides the ability to seamlessly integrate with third party systems:

  • A new customs interface developed exclusively for Scope enables SENATOR INTERNATIONAL to embed all necessary customs procedures in their logistics system right from day 1
  • Herein, Scope uses one integrative data format which is able to map all supported customs procedures
  • This innovative All-in-One integration will be expanded step by step to all customs procedures that Scope serves and will serve in the future. Currently in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US

Operators at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL were convinced by the clearly arranged and easy to comprehend desktop which separates Scope from other systems at first sight, and which is designed to enhance the worklife of users.

“The point was not to make any mistake during the demo session. The fact that Scope would fullfil all required demands and impress with its user-friendliness, was clear to us.”

— Chris Savage, Branch Manager Frankfurt for Riege Software

The presentation succeeded. The decision was taken accordingly. The committee in charge voted all in accord for Scope by Riege.

“The implementation of Scope for the ATLAS procedures proceeded without difficulty, the start was smooth. The high expectations we had, have been fulfilled. I want to thank everybody involved in the project for making this success possible – our own staff and at Riege.”

— Berndt Lindenmayer, Managing Director SENATOR INTERNATIONAL

This statement proves we are on the right path with Scope, and beyond this, it testifies that our teams not only understand our customers requirements but execute them immaculately. So rapidly, even old hands were staggered by the extent to which the original time frame was undercut.

“During the implementation process we stressed the seamless change over from the existing system to Scope. Scope is designed for procedures like this, and our teams are accordingly trained. The result tells the tale. I really wish to express my gratefulness to SENATOR INTERNATIONAL for the trust they placed in us.”

— Johannes Riege, Founder and Chairman of Riege Software

Since February 2017, SENATOR INTERNATIONAL generates up to 20,000 declarations from 300 work stations at 12 branches, saving several hours of time particularly on consol shipments at weekends.

Seeing is believing.

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